The Only 4 Things You Need to Know About Gmail’s Big Update387

Author: InfoBeep - May 28, 2018 | subject to copyright

Today, Google has announced a group of new features which are coming to your Gmail. Many of them are tidy but small. Anyhow, there are a few you should know about so you yourself can check them out.

How to turn it on

New features of a Gmail will not turn on all by themselves, at least not yet. You have to select it. Just click “Try the new Gmail” by going to the setting menu (the little grey bar at the top right of your screen). To go back to the classical mode you will have the option. So you should not be worried about going out on a limb.

You can snooze emails now

The new Gmail will let you snooze the messages as much like Google’s “Inbox”, for the time being, what makes them disappear, but it will redeliver to your inbox eventually when you will be able to face them.

You will get four small icons which show up to the right to the subject line when you point out an email in your inbox. The rightmost is rest. When you will click on it you will get options about how long you would like to give rest to your message.

Confidential mode lets you send emails that self-destruct

If you are sending an email which is not needed to be around forever, may because consist delicate knowledge that is only important for a short period of time, personal mode helps you in sending self-destructing emails.

Before sending if you choose a confidential mode, you can have a date of expiration after which attachments and email will no longer be able to be read.

Probably, this works because of having Google host the information rather than actually sending it, so allowing you to cancel the things which you have sent, so long as the recipient does not take a screenshot of what you have sent in a meantime.  

You can see the icon at the bottom of the draft email. It is for the confidential mode. It will be shown if it has been enabled for your account. Some of these updates are gently rolling out.

There is a sidebar for your other apps

Have you ever wanted to look at your email and your calendar at the same time? If yes, you are lucky. The new Gmail has added a vertical bar at the right side. This will let you keep a small version of other Google apps, like the calendar or keep. For making the things appear just run over there and click the icon.

The rest is pretty minor

The new update of Gmail also adds a few other small things like the automatic responses which previously have been in the mobile app and warnings about emails which are potentially risky. You don’t need to be aware of them ahead of time because as you use the app these all will be pop up naturally.

You can check out Google’s documentation for the more focal point on what other things is in this update.