Why We Love WordPress (And You Should, Too!)331

Author: InfoBeep - May 31, 2018 | subject to copyright

Well, if you are looking for creating the new blog or the site then there are a lot of options available. You will hear the names like Blogger, Wix, Joomla, Squarespance, and many more. For taking in, it could be a lot. So, I just want to briefly describe about why I do and I always recommend you the WordPress.

WordPress is absolutely free

If someone is looking up for using a WordPress, then there are two options available. First one is WordPress.com and another one is Self-hosted (AKA: wordpress.org).

Don’t worry, you can have ‘wordpress.com hosts your site’ for free, but not so fast, there’s some limitation in it. You can freely use it but there will be only a limited storage, access to less plugins, and some other things.

Chill out, that’s not the big deal, we have another way. If you pay for them, these features can be expanded and turned on. If your mind’s diverted towards starting it by paying for the features then you make have a look in a next part too.

Self-Hosted (WordPress.org) is another option available for you. You downloaded the software from wordpress.org, so you may see this referred to as wordpress.org.

Now, WP is free itself, but for hosting it yourself is not. For going with this option you will need to pay a web host. Web host is very cheap these days, maybe for few months or less.

You will also need ‘a little Know-how’ for this routine and also depending on the host which you choose. There are few options, I mean a lot more, but here is some of mine.

Known Host– For all of my sites and blogs I use this host. I pay for the virtual private server which I have and it is not the cheapest option up front. Anyway, I can host much sites on it, as much I can fit.

I just mean that it is very advanced option and there’s a lot of work required for it. So, it may not be suitable for the beginners.

WP Engine

It is the best option for someone who wants a shoot, doing everything at once. I will not say that it is the cheapest option, but it is particular to WordPress, so you should know that you are paying for the competence of the host.

Well, the option you will look at will be depended on what you are looking for out of your blog. If you are newly starting or you don’t have much money, then I will highly recommend you to use the cheapest hosting.

Everyone’s started from the cheapest hosting. After the time, when you find yourself outgrowing the cheapest hosting, you can upgrade to the advanced hosting.

Its boundless in Possibilities

One of the most beautiful things about the WordPress is that it is open source software. It means that the people can develop the plugins and themes for it.

For downloading it for free, those plugins and themes are hosted for everyone on the official site. There’s a thousands of plugins and themes available.

There’s the ability for everyone for developing the features. It means that almost everything which you are thinking for is created; you just need to search for it. So, you can do almost everything you want to do with your site, that’s the thing, what I lop about it.

Two of the sites can never be looked at the same time. You know how few of the blogging platforms look like? I don’t find that truth with the WP anyway. There are so many configuration options, plugins and theme so it’s very hard to find out two sites that look almost similar.

It’s more than Just a Platform of Blogging

It’s true that when the WordPress was started, it was just only for the blogging. With a time, it has developed into the full site suite. Well, even today also people thinks that it is only useful for the one who are going to blog. That’s not true at all.

There are all the features available which you are looking for to create a typical site. Don’t be backward by the fact that you do not need the blog for making use of this excellent platform.

Nearly 1 out of 3 website on the internet uses the WordPress and that’s really awesome.

Complex in its Simplicity

As I have said above, using WordPress can be really complex if needed. Even so, out of the box it is intuitive and very simple to use.

Now, it can be more difficult than the platform like Blogger, but it is not something which you are going to for trying harder for finding out either.

Once the complete set up of it is done then anyone can dive and easily create their first article. Formatting the text and adding the images to your articles is very easy.

Relevant archive pages will be automatically created by your categories and tags on the site for letting the people see it.

There are many things done for you about which you may have not thought about. It is just a perfect for the one who are totally unfamiliar with the web industry. I have used many other blogging platforms; I have just found them too simple or too complicated and I think WordPress is just a perfect one.

There are enough options available which can be very useful for you to do what you need without being affected. If you are willing for more complicated then there is always plugins for the features which you are after.

It’s solid as well as secure

WordPress is a platform which is well written. As being a developer, I can tell you that there is very little and I am not being able to do among the site’s structure.

The team of programming has done a great with their API. I don’t think that anyone else can come even closer to matching it.

Yet, security issues will arise every now and then. The Automatic Team (the creators) can quickly figure out any kinds of problems which come and patch them.

For securing up your website, there are many plugins available if you think you need extra layer of security. I am using the Brute Force protection of Jetpack; part of the Jetpack Plugins. I have not once had my site hacked.


I possibly could go on and on, and that’s why I love WordPress. The beauty of the WordPress meets the needs of the users, and that’s pretty awesome.

WordPress is a great way for starting off the successful blog.