5 Tools Everyone in the Technology Industry Should Be Using345

Author: InfoBeep - June 5, 2018 | subject to copyright

The secret of the traditional marketer was the mix of creativity, the load of guts, experience and some luck as well. Even for today’s generation also all these things are necessary but they are not enough for today’s industry. This period demands much more than that. Even though, it is not easy, using the modern technology can take the industry to the next level.

Here’s the list of the tools which helps all the organization for taking its efforts towards the productive digital marketing.


FacebookFacebook is one of the best ways of promoting the business. Billions of peoples from all over the world are connected through the Facebook. Facebook can make you very easy for reaching them.

If you want to promote your business on Facebook, you should create a Facebook business page which will be totally different from your personal page.

After creating the Facebook business page, you should access to Facebook Pages Manager and put it where it allows you for posting your page or editing posts, or also be sharing and commenting on applicable information with fans of your brand.

This helps to make sure that the information which you shared or commented on enters their Facebook news feed.

Page manager lets you have a communication with fans in two ways. It helps you to communicate with your fans and also provides information with about the fan of your brand.

This helps you for targeting your services and products to the right market by providing more value to your customers.

If you use the Facebook for the digital marketing industry, there are other three platforms of marketing which anyone can use for promoting his or her brand, Ads, Groups and Pages.

For business, public figures and organizations, pages are free for the profile of Facebook without any restrictions on the number of the fans can “Like” a page of the company.

Groups are designed in a User Wall Format and Ads in the paid marketing platform of the social network. It can be very helpful for the business for reaching up to their customers based on their desired demographic.

Facebook has proven itself as one of the most useful tools for any kind of business in the digital marketing industry by offering many marketing platforms and features Facebook.


Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics provides you with the website insights and also offers you the advanced solution of analytics for tracking visitors of the website on a real time. In other words, you can track the complete journey of customers, when they have entered your website and what they have done.

In digital marketing, it is essential for any kind of business because it helps you for understanding ways of reaching your audience and drive traffic to your website.

Don’t you like to know from where the visitors are coming? Which page of the website is performing well? Which of your website’s page are they viewing when they declare to click away to another site?

Well, you can know answers of all of these questions by using Google Analytics.

If you recently have a website then there’s a chance that you are already using Google Analytics. Just use your Google Analytics dashboard for viewing your marketing goals so that you can suitably make a decision which can help in growing your business.


LinkedinLinkedIn is one of the professional social networks which focus on the development of career, connections of professional, discussions of an industry and many other types of the activities which are related to the business.

If your main focus is in making a market for your products or services in other business, the LinkedIn is best for you.

Just like other, LinkedIn is important for promoting your business. You just need to set up the company page of LinkedIn. It is far different from your personal page and all the necessary tools and resources are on this page.

Those tools can help you in learning more about the people who follow your brand. It is very important for your business. It allows your audience to make you different from your competitors.

LinkedIn is very important tool in the industry of digital marketing because it lets the company for generating leads, growing the list of an email marketing, posting the high-quality content which helps in providing the value to the customers, allowing you for joining groups and staying active, giving a face to your company, and building a relationship.


TwitterTwitter is one of the best social networks which you cannot avoid. There are more than 300 million users of Twitter all over the world. It is suitable for targeting your market.

It also helps you in amplifying your voice message on the internet and helps in telling the story (but only of 140 characters or less).

Twitter is slight unique than others because there’s no separate profile for your brand. This makes it different social platform than other for business.

It is easy for use in the digital marketing industry because you don’t need to think more about how you should give a personality to your brand of its own.

The problem that many businesses suffer from is that many companies do not know to use it in a proper way. For being outstanding on Twitter, you need to be engaged with your followings. You should have meaningful conversations about your brands with them.

Twitter is a very useful tool for the company to be connected with their employees, customers and a business partners. In digital marketing industry, Twitter can bring the increase in the brand awareness. It will also increase conversations and website traffic.

Website and Blog

BlogYour website or business blog is yours and it is the primary place where the visitors come in search of you and your business and display and talk about all your services, products, and all other things you are and you can do

 If you have a blog or website, your business will be available 24/7 for the customers. You will be there at any time they need you or have any questions.

But remember, paying attention to your website, keeping it fresh, cleaning it, and making it up to date is very important.

As keeping your house up to date is important, keeping your website up to date is important too.

Confirm that your website contains nice graphics, that your website has no broken seals, and that guiding it is easy.

Make sure that your website is flexible, that on every device it looks good, either on mobile, Smartphone, or a tablet.

Keep these all things in mind and you will get a successful business and a successful website.


Above mentioned is the name of 5 tools which are very necessary and many are using in the digital marketing. Either you are targeting your consumers or business, services or products, digital marketing is not easy.

Don’t forget, these some tools can make a big help in making a big success in the digital marketing industry.