Nintendo Had No Choice But To Build A Bridge from ‘Pokémon GO’ To the Switch379

Nintendo Had No Choice But To Build A Bridge from ‘Pokémon GO’ To the Switch
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Nintendo held a huge event in Japan for some reasons and it was not the live steamed. But the agent by the series of pictures had seen that. The news was massive when the style of announcing was different. Nintendo had announced not only one but three Pokémon games.

There is a Quest of Pokémon, the game is free to start and is available on Nintendo while we had told with a mobile release for following in late June.

What’s Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a popular adventure and a real-time online game which is non-traditional. It has a blocky animation style. It is a virtual reality game with a virtual world.

The major secret of a Pokémon Go was that it was divided up into the Pikachu and Eevee variants. The game is a little conversion of a Pokémon Yellow, and it has an attractive looking RPG for the switch.

But it is mixed up with the traditional Pokémon gameplay but with the new GO-era type mechanics. You can transfer the Pokémon from GO to Let’s Go.

You can also share many things like simplified capture machine of GO.  It is one of the best virtual online games ever.

And lastly, Nintendo declared that there was still a new “core” of coming of Pokémon game to switch next year, probably Gen 8, even though the name and detail of it were not made yet.

Pokémon Company

Junichi Masuda, the director of a “Pokémon Let’s Go”, described the title as a remake of Pokémon Yellow of 1999. It was the last iteration in the first generation of the titles of Pokémon.

The Pokémon company had shown off of the Pokémon let’s Go, based on an early footage. By the earliest titles, the game seemed to be influenced heavily.

For example, the journey of a player for being a Pokémon master starts in a Pallet town and the features of game series consist of 151 Pokémon.

In addition, the Pokémon Sun and Moon will be there, along with the new Pocket Monsters.

For most of the Pokémon fan base, this will come as an obvious joy. There is no doubt that the group of fans will love the two-newly-revealed Nintendo switched games.

The Pokémon Red and the Pokémon Blue is like the bread and butter of the series, and it has been the main-line, core RPG games.

Pikachu or Eevee?

The Pikachu or Eevee will follow you in the game. It will be based on the version of the game you use.

Yellow Pikachu had followed the players around in the original release of a Pokémon.

From this, the resemblance of Pokémon Yellow seems of being the end, to some extent. From the traditional formula of a series, they have drifted a game in a unique way.

According to the footage shown in the trailer, the battle will be out in the traditional style of a turn base in the series.

It also seems that the players throw the “Virtual Pokéballs” by using the Joy-con switch for catching the creatures.

There are so many ways of exploring the world of Pokémon, including “Pokémon Quest” and “Pokémon Lets GO”.

With a new core series of Pokémon RPG title, trainers can look for the more. For the second half of 2019!, they can look for the development

Instead of the longtime fans, “Pokémon Let’s Go” targets the players who were introduced by the Pokémon Go to the Pokémon series.

 The storyline of Pokémon Let’s Go and the Pokémon Yellow is similar. The title feature also looks like the gym battle and a traditional trainer.

Newly-revealed Pokémon titles are so distractive. But don’t worry! The owner of a Nintendo Switch will be able of playing a Gen 8 core Pokémon RPG in 2019.

What’s the Pokémon company doing?

The Pokémon company is in process of releasing the Poke Ball Plus controller which will allow the players for transporting their Kanto Pokémon between the “Pokémon Let’s Go!” and the “Pokémon Go”.

As like it was possible for using the Transfer Pak with Pokémon Red and the Nintendo 64, for moving the Pocket monster between the series and a Pokémon Stadium, the Kanto Pokémon will also be able to be transferred between the “Pokémon Go” and “Pokémon Let’s Go”.

Other features of it include the improved graphics and drop-in co-op gameplay. it seems that you can play the game just by using one Hoy-con.

It is an attraction on the Game Freak and the part of the Pokémon Company.

If you are the fan of Pokémon for a long time but have maybe turned off lack of depth of Pokémon Go, you are likely little worried by the release of these two titles.

According to the official description of the Japanese children’s television show, “Oha Suta will share the information which will be Pokémon related, and it will shock the world, on its episode of May 31”.

The episode description reads, “We have got shocking news about the Pocket Monster, the new history of Pokémon is born”.

The Pokémon Company is very excited about sharing the more information on its episode 3. They had announced that the Pokémon RPG will switch soon.

How to download Pokémon Go ?

You can download  Pokémon Go from the link given below: