What is WordPress child theme?266

What is WordPress child theme
Author: InfoBeep - June 21, 2018 | subject to copyright

The WordPress child theme is a theme of a WordPress which is based on the support of other themes. WordPress Child Theme gets its functionality from the other themes of WordPress, the parent theme.

The main use of the child theme is when you are willing to customize or twist an existing theme of WordPress without suffering the loss of the ability to upgrade that theme.

In the past days, it was very difficult to upgrade the WordPress child themes without losing the custom styling and the changes which you had done.  

But it became very easy when you sharply find out the script which is used widely in popular themes and you will need to update your themes ASAP.

The central and the community made a decision of generating the concept of a parent theme and a child theme. The child theme in WordPress will assume all the code, features and the functionality of a parent theme without having any changes in the parent theme.

This will be helpful for changing the style of a parent theme and add or modify the features without losing the ability to update the parent theme.

In the thesis, the entire WordPress theme can make child themes but not all the themes of WordPress can be good parent themes.

A good parent theme is also called theme frameworks and it contains its own filters and action hooks. This will be very helpful for the developers and designers for creating the site of a powerful custom WordPress just by using the child themes within a certain period of time.

Why do people use the WordPress Child Themes?

Developers and designers mainly use the child theme for speeding up their development process. Choosing a good parent theme will be very helpful for creating a WordPress site in a short period of time.

More often DIY users create the child theme for twisting the theme without losing the ability to update the parent theme.

Creating a WordPress child theme is much easy as creating of a new folder. There can be many template files in a strong child theme as much as parent them or more.

The WordPress child theme can even have the template files which are not contained by the parent theme.

When Should You Use a Child Theme?

Use of the child theme is dependent on your needs. Many of the sites which we create for ourselves as well as for our clients are the child themes of the Genesis theme framework.

We only create it as a custom WordPress theme of a standalone when the given project is too easy or too hard.

By being WordPress developers, we should know to streamline the flow of our work while creating the quality themes.

It will be better for the users to use the child themes only in the case when you find yourself regularly adding of new functions on the function of the theme.php files or regularly adding or modifying of the style.css file of your theme.

The process to set up the WordPress Child Theme

There is two main way of creating the WordPress Child Theme:

  • Creating a Child Theme Manually
  • Creating of Child Theme by using Plugins


Just be sure that the parent theme appears>Theme page, if not then it will not work.

Creating a child theme manually:

Step 1: Make a folder and give it a name as you like. For example: “Your name”.

 Step 2: Create a file and title it as “Style.css”.

Step 3: write the information below by opening the style.css.

Step 4: Create a file titling “functions.php” and paste the code given below to import in the parent themes.

Step 5: After that zip the folder and it on Appearance>Themes>Add New

Step 6:  Now activate the theme

Creating the child theme by using plugins:

You can use a free WordPress plugins if you don’t want to jump through these hoops. There are many free plugins which can help you create a child theme easily.

Follow the below-given instructions for getting it configured:

Step 1: Firstly, download the one-click child theme plugin

Step 2: On your site, go to the admin

Step 3: Go to Plugins>Add New

Step 4: For uploading the plugin, click on Upload Plugin. After that click on the Activation Plugin

Step 5: After that go to Appearance>Themes. Be sure that you activate the theme which you are going to use for creating the child theme

Step 6: Go to the theme thumbnail, click on the Child Theme

Step 7: After that, you will visit the configuration page of a child theme. Complete the field given there

Step 8: After that Press on the “Create Child”

Step 9: Now you will get your child theme totally ready and activated

How to uninstall it?

We all are recommended for uninstalling the WordPress themes which are not being used. Uninstalling the WordPress theme is simple and easier than you think.

Here’s how you can uninstall it:

Be sure that the theme is not active

If the theme which you are willing to uninstall is active, deactivate it by activating another theme. For doing that go to:

  • Firstly click on the Appearance>Themes
  • Then active any of other themes which you like for using


  • Take a mouse’s cursor over the theme which you are going to uninstall
  • Press on Theme Details
  • After that, you will see a “Delete” button at the bottom on the right side
  • Confirm

That’s all, the theme is completely uninstalled.