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Author: InfoBeep - June 24, 2018 | subject to copyright

One of the best things about the WordPress blog themes is that it is open source as well as free for use. The owner of a resourceful site should make a functional, attractive, unique site in a domain and a server which is registered. It will result in the low monthly cost.

There’s no doubt that for enabling WordPress for living to its potential as the basis for a superb website, you should have a WordPress blog themes.

It’s great if you are trying to build a great WordPress blog on a bootstrap budget. Many of the WordPress blog themes are totally free.

We have made a list of some of the WordPress blog themes below.

Let’s have a look at them!


Cali is one of the famous WordPress blog themes which is beautiful, great looking, and attractive. It offers an attractive blogging or magazine website for everything i.e. from fashion to travel.

It provides a responsive layout which will help you in viewing on smaller devices.

This will improve your user-experience as well as the search engine will boost your search results. 

It seems to be similar to an online magazine (with many spots for linking your articles). But it breaks down on the usual clutter and terrifies nature of the magazine.

Many widgets are contained in Cali. In many areas like the header, footer, and sidebar, these can be placed.

One of the main features of Cali is the carousel. It lets you share a fantastic series of photographs.

You will get many options for showing certain posts, getting rid of the date of post and authors, and hiding thumbnails.

Cali provides many setting which helps in adjusting what your website looks like in an optional module. Suppose, you may like changing around your colours for matching better colours in your logo.

For making your words fonts look more like your logo, you can set certain fonts. Many social buttons are also provided with the Cali WordPress theme. For placing your social media buttons, the theme contains two positions.

One of them is provided above your logo for letting you make people follow you to the places like Twitter and Facebook. Another reason for enjoying the theme is because of the Woo-commerce combination.

Your blog will automatically be turned into an e-commerce website with the help of this plugin. This means you can begin selling the products to your fans.

Many people also love the live customizer. It is appropriate for those who don’t like or want to mess around any coding.


Type is an attractive and impressive flexible theme which is created by DesignLab. It can serve as a foundation for the skilful blog, a magazine-style site, or an e-commerce site. The choice is on your hands.

With Type theme, you can mix many elements for creating your layout and look. There are four different styles of headers and three styles of different layout.

You can choose the position of your sidebar, easily display a custom logo, position as well as create the different header image and many more.

The type also helps you for showcasing the particular content on your homepage between the featured post types.

If you like adding the functionality of an e-commerce to your blog, Type helps you in making it easy by providing a basic combination with a WooCommerce plugin.

The simplified customization process is also provided by the Type with an available live preview for letting you visually check out your changes before deciding your new styles.

Better to choose the accent colour which is eye-catching, uploading a new logo file, and changing your typeface choices with ease.

Furthermore, Type is based on an approach of a responsive design. It makes your blog friendly to the mobile users on every type of devices and provides a great user experience for your audience.

Premium version of Type is also available. It provides more responsive carousel slider, more blog layouts style, premium widgets, and Google font integration in order to increase the option of your typography.


The author is theme developed by Ben Sibley. It is a dual-toned theme which is made specifically for readers and reading.

He has done a coding of the author to be fast, light, as well as responsive. Because of this, the features of authors minified scripts and conditional loading improves the way of your site to load and perform in every browser.

It is responsive and also designed for the viewers with disabilities with an eye towards accessibility. The author provides an adaptable layout for improving and enhancing your experience of users on your site.


These above mentioned WordPress blog themes are free, very useful as well as easy to use. 

we hope it will be helpful for you.