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What is WordPress app and how to operate it- INFO BEEP Level Up Your Knowledge
Author: InfoBeep - June 25, 2018 | subject to copyright

In different operating platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux, the new WordPress app is available. The app is made by the use of modern technology which has made it faster, guaranteed, and secure for increasing your experience of writing.

But can you get any benefit by the apps if WordPress.com hasn’t powered it? Well, with the WordPress.com apps, you can use the self-hosted WordPress blogs.

In this article, there is shown the process of installing WordPress.com apps and configuring the app for making your self-hosted WordPress blog.

WordPress Apps

The company “Automattic” is behind the WordPress.com and they had announced that the desktop versions of WordPress app have revealed the new WordPress.com last month.

The app was only launched for the Mac but it slowly made the Windows and Linux versions of the app. Javascript and the WP REST API has powered the new WordPress.com architecture. It also adds the convenience of the WordPress publishers.

Download WordPress Applications

It is very easy to download and install the WordPress application.

Let’s have a look at the new features and the process of using it for your WordPress blogs.

For WordPress.com Blogs

If you have got a WordPress.com blog, the using of the application should be as like using of the WordPress.com website.

Start the WordPress app and login with your account of WordPress. The interface should be well known to you as the desktop apps. It will bring same experience as the web.

Using apps with self-hosted WordPress

One of the main reasons for discussing the new apps here on WPism is for guiding you through the steps for making it work on your self-hosted WordPress blog.

Let’s start!

The official announcement post of WordPress.com mentioned that the WordPress app is not for just WordPress.com. It also allows the self-hosted WordPress blog for accessing all the features.

Create a WordPress.com Account

 The first is creating the account of WordPress.com. You can sign up for the page of WordPress.com for creating a new account if you don’t have an account.

Install Jetpack by WordPress.com plugin

Once you successfully got the account of WordPress.com, you should install the Jetpack by WordPress.com plugin.

With your WordPress dashboard, search for the Jet-pack from Plugin > Add Plugins.

Now install and activate the plugin.

Once it is successfully activated, you should connect the account of WordPress.com.

Click on the button “Connect” and will promote for entering your username and password of WordPress.com.

Once you are fully connected to the WordPres.com, Jet-pack should be automatically presented with your page. It will help you in activating the tools of WordPress.com in just a single click.

Jetpack is an extensive plugin which contains more than a 27 modules which add lots of features. You can also only use the modules which are useful for you.

And that’s all! You have installed the Jetpack plugin and enabled the feature of site management. You are ready for using the WordPress app. 

Installing and configuring the WordPress App

Here’s the way of installing in the OS X version. It might be same on all the other platforms too.

  • Firstly, download and install the application
  • Click on the application and the login screen will appear. You can Log in with your account details of WordPress.com.
  • When you will enter, you will see the “Reader” for WordPress.com. You can read all the posts from the Websites and tabs which form the WordPress.

Click on “My Sites” (it is next to the Reader tab). After that, you will visit the WordPress Website’s stats page. If you want to manage your other websites you can click on the “Switch Site”. If you have followed the above-given steps, you will see the self-hosted WordPress website on the list.


The initial version had errors of connection and some other problems, but it has been improved in its latest version.

The incredible speed and modern interface of the application are great. The best thing about WordPress app is that it lets you manage plugins and make an update on more than 25 WordPress websites.