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WordPress Themes are a collection of files which performs together with an unrevealed merged design for producing a graphical interface for a weblog. Well, these types of files are known as template files.

The growing of websites built with WordPress is in the continuous process. With the help of WordPress, you can easily create a website.

Moreover, There are thousands of WordPress themes which you can choose from. Well, we have listed out some of the WordPress themes which you might find easy as well as useful for the user.

Let’s have a look at them!

Photo Blog

One of the great ways of sharing your story is Blogging. Sometimes it is also for taking a great picture. There’s one saying: a picture is worth than a thousand words.

Photo Blog is one of the effective WordPress themes which provide you with all the tools which are necessary to tell a beautiful visual story, either you are the hobbyist, phone shutterbug, or a professional photographer.

This theme is single-column, the grid-based theme which contains many features for making your pictures look great.

Make it look right

If the default design of Photo Blog is not the ideal fix, you can change it by using the style packs provided. It is designed by the skilled designers.

With the help of Style Pack, you can completely change the look of your website. It will provide you with a pro design without making you difficult in picking colours and fonts individually.

Easily Change your Layout

With Photo Blog, you can use all-new layouts for switching between Default, Grid, and Masonry layout styles. Every layout has its unique way.

You can also match and mix Layouts with the style pack.

Filter Galore

Featured Image Filters, a new feature of Photo Blog provides an instant professional touch to your photos.

26 different filters are provided for adjusting the colour, contrast, brightness, and the texture of all the featured images of your website.

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Small business

Running a business, either big or small is hard. But using the right equipment, support, creating a website will not be on your to-do list. Small Business is one of the simple as well as powerful WordPress themes for the owners and entrepreneurs of small-business.

Make it easy to connect

You may know that your customers are the very busy person so easy access to the information like address and phone number is very important. Small Business displays a banner with contact information on every page.

It will turn all your links into the clickable links. It will help your customers by calling, emailing, or finding you easily on a map.

Capture their attention

Do you have any of the new product, seasonal sale, or a special event coming out? No matter what it is, surely you would like to place the information on the front page, isn’t it?

Well, Small Business provides you with the Promo Area which makes easy for you to flip a switch!

Make it look right

If the bold design of Small Business is not for you, you can choose from other three styles provided with the Small Business’ pack.

It will help you in getting a unique look.

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Radcliffe 2

Radcliffe 2 is one of the very easy WordPress themes with the clean typography, created with entrepreneurs and the small business owners in mind.

This theme is the base for a professional website.

Add your logo

Adding a logo of a business is very effective for personalizing your site. For doing this, go to Customize>Site Identity and then upload the image.

After uploading the image you can change the logo size. The logo will appear in the centre of the Site Title.

Highlight important information

By using the Radcliffe 2 you can put the important messages right on the front page. For setting up, click on ‘Customize’ and then click on ‘Featured Promote’.

Make easy in being in touch

It is very important for letting the customers know how to reach your business. Using a Radcliffe 2 can be very useful for making a site-wide banner with your contact details.

For adding your address, contact details, and hours, go to Customize>Contact Info. All the information will be turned into the clickable link for letting the customers know details.

Stay connected

Radcliffe 2 provides a menu of Social Link. It will appear on the right side of the main navigation.

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AltoFocus is very helpful for the artist, photobloggers, and other creatives for showing up their talents. The grid itself will be sifted and re-formed for accommodating new posts.

It will create an ever-changing collage of your creativity. It will help in navigating the visitors.


AltoFocus not only responds to only posts of single-image but also full galleries. Instead of the single photo, if you like to post a photo gallery, you can easily do it.

Just put a gallery into your post and select the option of “Slideshow”- we will complete rest of the process for you.

Social links

AltoFocus displays the link of Social media in the footer. It will help the readers to be connected with your social media sites or profiles like Facebook and Twitter.

Widget area

AltoFocus comes with widget area just below the single posts and archives. It will provide widgets in a single column which will let for filling the content area.

Only if you place widgets in them, the widgets area will be displayed. You can also hide the widget area by removing all the widgets.

Site Logo

Add the site logo: go to Customize>Site Identity and upload the logo image. The logo will appear in the side of your site title in the header.

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The label is very stylish theme which is created for art and fashion bloggers. It contains distinctive grid layout, classy vertical header, and full-screen post sliders. It makes your site out from the crowd.


The label is specially designed for artists and a fashion bloggers for showing their work. It is perfect for the writers, bloggers, and scrapbookers who want to add more facility to their site.

Post Formats

Different post formats i.e. Image, video, audio, gallery and quotes are supported by Label. Every format has its unique style for a blog, search pages, and archive.

This helps in adding visual interest to your content. It also helps in telling your stories more efficiently.

Theme options

The label consists of many options which allow you for adjusting and tweaking the theme which will work as you want.

Custom Templates

Special page templates are included by the Label for displaying a grid-style or full-width page, portfolio projects, and contributors.

More about Label

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