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10 best WordPress plugins for developers-INFO BEEP LEVEL UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE
Author: InfoBeep - June 28, 2018 | subject to copyright

Everyone who is working with WordPress code must have a helpful and good functioning set of WordPress plugins for developers for increasing his/her flow of the work. Of course, choosing a good WordPress plugin is also very helpful for personal preference too; a code editor which you find helpful may not be helpful for me, and vice versa. In fact, the famous services like GitHub are also disliked by many developers.

However, there are some of the WordPress plugins which can be very useful and helpful for the developers.

In this article, we have listed out 10 of WordPress plugins for developers for improving your speed of workflow and many others.

So, let’s start!


Nothing can be better than the plugin’s name as a Developer for WordPress to do better. The developer is one of the best WordPress plugins.

The developer is not an end plugin; instead, it is a master plugin which can be very helpful for setting up and optimizing your development environment.

When you activate this theme, it asks for the stuff which you are developing i.e. plugins, themes, and likewise.

According to your selection, this plugin will offer you the list of plugins which can be activated with just one click. It will be very helpful for you to do work more efficiently.

For example, if you are the developer of a WordPress theme, you will be suggested by the Developer to activate Theme Check Plugin (mentioned later in this article), and so on.

When to us Developer?

The developer should be used if you are wishing to have a master page. In that condition you can activate or deactivate other plugins are related to development. You can also just start with the WordPress development.

For more information about Developer, click HERE

Debug Bar

Debug Bar is one of the simple WordPress plugins which adds debugging menu in the admin bar. You can utilize the debug menu for showing useful information about debugging, like details pertaining to cache and query.

When to use Debug Bar?

Are you feeling difficulty in finding out the notices, warning, and other queries? Don’t worry! By the use of Debug Bar it, you easily find out all those things.

For more information about Debug Bar, click HERE

Query Monitor

Query Monitor is also a debugging plugin as Debug Bar for the WordPress coders. However, it offers more than just a Debug Bar.

With the help of Query Monitor, you will be able to view all the database queries which are ongoing as well as the rows which are being affected.

You can also have a look at rewrite rules, PHP errors and warning, hooks fired on the current request, and even at the template filenames and parts.

Moreover, Query Monitor is one of the rare WordPress plugins which lets the developer keep the track of REST API, AJAX calls and redirects.

If you are using the WP REST API plugin, using a Query Monitor can be best.

When to use Query Monitor?

If you regularly need to work with REST API requests and AJAX calls, using a Query Monitor can be very helpful for you. Query Monitor may be proven to be overkill if you are just wishing to know about the basic details of PHP errors and warnings.

For more information about Query Monitor, click HERE 


You can easily customize the fonts and colours in WordPress themes with the help of Styleguide. You can do it directly from the customizer itself.

If you are wishing for making changes of appearance-related in your website without going deeper into the code, Styleguide can be the perfect one for using.

For customizing your website, Styleguide provides you with the chance to choose from Google Fonts and different sets of character and colours. Moreover, you can also add support for additional themes.

When to use Styleguide?

If you are in search of a simple solution for changing fonts and colours in the customizer, using a Styleguide will be great.

With that, Styleguide will also add support for your themes for making it easy for the users and clients for making simple changes by themselves.

For more information about  Styleguide, click HERE

Theme Check

Theme Check is one of the very popular as well as useful WordPress themes. It will provide a function to check your WordPress themes according to the latest coding standards.

Therefore, before submitting your WordPress theme, make sure that your WordPress theme meets with the guidelines of the theme review. This will reduce the chance of rejection of your theme and also it will attach to the best coding practices.

Theme Check makes you sure that your WordPress themes are up to the mark.

When to use Theme Checker?

If you are a theme developer and is in search of best WordPress plugins, I will highly recommend you using Theme Checker.

For more information about  Theme Checker, click HERE

User Switching

User Switching will help you in switching between the user accounts in WordPress with just a single tap. If your workflow requires you for managing more than one account, User Switching is going to be very useful for you. 

You will just need to click “Switch To” the User menu. You can also immediately switch back to the original account and you will not require a password or special privileges.

But remember, there should be administration privileges in your original account for making User Switching work.

When to use User Switching?

If you have to manage different accounts and manually switch to different accounts then using the User Switching will be best.

For more information about  User Switching, click HERE

Advanced CSS Editor

Advanced CSS Editor is one of the best WordPress plugins for the developers which allow you for writing CSS code for different devices from the customizer itself.

You might be thinking; what is unique about CSS code? Jetpack also allows you for adding custom CSS anyway!

CSS becomes a bit interesting with the Advanced CSS Editor. It permits you to add different CSS code for different devices.

By this, you will different CSS style in tablet, different style in smartphones, and different style in your laptops and desktops.

When to use Advanced CSS Editor?

Are you wishing of adding a custom CSS styling for different devices but confused which of the plugins to use? If yes, we will highly recommend you for using Advanced CSS Editor.

This plugin is very handy and an important plugin if you often work with the custom CSS.

For more information about Advanced CSS Editor, click HERE

Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails is one of the simplest WordPress plugins which allows you for generating the thumbnails for your image attachments.

If you had recently changed the thumbnail dimensions for your theme, this plugin is going to be very useful for you.

For developers, there are many other WordPress plugins which consist of the same purpose but maybe none of them is as popular as Regenerate Thumbnails.

It has millions of downloader. So if you are in search of the plugin of that nature, Regenerate Thumbnail is the best one.

When to use Regenerate thumbnails?

If you are willing to get an easy way of editing and regenerating sizes of thumbnails for your image, regenerating thumbnails is what we recommend.

For more information about Regenerate Thumbnails, click HERE

Log Deprecated Notices

If you are also one of the most developers who is wishing of staying away from deprecated and obsolete coding practices, Log Deprecated Notices is the best plugin for you.

It keeps the route of the usage of the deplore files, arguments, and functions.

For more information about Log Deprecated Notices, click HERE

RTL Tester

It has its function as its name. RTL Tester lets you test your WordPress plugins and themes in RTL mode.

RTL Tester plugin lets you switch the text direction of your website. Moreover, you can view the plugins and themes of WordPress with the right to left text direction. This will help you in making sure that everything looks in order.

When to use RTL Tester?

If you regularly work with right to left text i.e. Arabic, Hebrew, or Urdu, and need to verify the appearance in your plugins and themes, in that condition using an RTL Tester can be very helpful for you.

For more information about RTL Tester, click HERE