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Set up conference call on iphone can be done just in a few simple taps. It can mainly be done by using the Add Call and Merge Calls buttons. This article reflects the simple process of setting up the conference call on iPhone briefly and also some of the additional functions of the conference call.

If you are also trying to connect to the multiple users at a once, it can be very easily done with the ways given below.

Here’s the easy way to set up the conference call on iPhone:

Adding and Merging calls

Make a simple call to your first person

Start by tapping the phone icon which is located at the bottom of your home screen. You will see many options like Favorites, Recent, and Contacts or through the Keypad, for calling through.

If you want to call from the contact, simply tap the selected contact and tap on the number which you want to dial. Your call will be automatically placed.

Similarly, you can dial the recent or your favourites just by tapping the number. For making the call with the keypad, type the number you want to call and tap on the call button.

But it is not necessary to be iPhones with other participants too. Any of the phones can be used by the participants. Only iPhone is needed for making a call to the participants.

Note the call options which will appear

The six boxes will appear on the screen i.e. Mute, Keypad, Speaker, Add Call, Contacts, and FaceTime, when you will dial a call.

Add a third caller

When the first participant receives your call, the button of “Add Call” will be brighter. For starting the third call with another participant, tap on the “Add Call” button.

Make a call to the third participant

When you are connected with the first participant, you can connect to other participants from your contacts or by dialling a number in the keyboard. You can find these both options among the six boxes which are on your call screen.

  • When you tap on the “Add Call” button, the first participant’s call will be on hold. It will be better to make him/her know that they will be temporarily on hold.
  • Don’t forget, the “Add Call” button is of no use until you are connected to the first participant. It cannot be activated until the initial call is connected.
  • While having a call, you can also receive other calls. For receiving other calls, simply tap on the “Hold and Accept/Answer” button. Tap on the “Merge calls” button when the call has been answered. If you don’t want to accept the call, tap on “Send to voicemail” button. If you want to accept the incoming call by terminating your current call, simply tap on the “End and Accept” button.
  • you can also easily record the phone calls of iPhones.

Merge your calls

When you are connected to the third participant, tap on “Merge Calls” button to get the option same as on the previous call as an “Add Call” button.

This will remove the first participant from the hold and connect the new participants to the call too.

Add more conference participants

Up to five participants can be added to the call. Repeat the step of “Add Call” and “Merge Calls” as needed. But remember that, whenever you add the new participants to the call, the older one will be placed on hold.

Likewise, you can also make a group and share the group messages among the participants. the upgraded version of iOS Messages app directly supports the group chat. 

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Managing your conference call

Disconnect an individual caller

For starting, tap on the Conference button which is located near the top of the screen. After that, tap on the red circle next to the call which you are wishing to cut off.

Select “End Call” and that participant will be cut down without affecting other participants in the call.

Make a private call with any of the participant you wish

Firstly, tap on the conference button which is near the top of the screen. After clicking, you will get the “Private” button which is next to each of your participants.

Tap on the button in any of the caller’s corner with whom you want the private conversation. Tap on “Merge call” button if you again want to return to the conference call.

Mute yourself

Simply click on the “Mute” button present among the six boxes if you don’t want to be heard by other participants during the call. This will mute your speaker but you will be able to hear the other participant’s voice.

Active Speakerphone

This will help you in listening and talking in your conference call without holding the phone to your ear. This is very helpful if you are taking other business or doing some other activities during the call.

Just tap on the option of “Speaker” which is present among the six boxes on your screen.

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