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The best conference call services till today- INFO BEEP LEVEL UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE
Author: InfoBeep - July 4, 2018 | subject to copyright

As we all know, technology is the most important thing in this modern business environment. It will make it easy for the clients, partners and colleagues to be connected even if they are in different places. Meeting room and the size of the company doesn’t matter, the thing which matter is there is a growing trend toward the best conference call services and it supports the remote work and the productive collaboration.

There are many options for the best conference call services and it makes very difficult for the companies and business to choose for the right one.

We have used many apps with conference call services of both free and paid version. Here we have made a list of some popular best conference call services in the below session.

ezTalks Meetings

EzTalks Meetings is one of the popular free conference call services platforms which we highly recommend. It lets the users making a free conference call by various platforms, including smartphones, desktops, tablets, and Macs. Eztalks makes you connected with your friends and teams for the online training, remote interview, remote education, telehealth, etc.

This free service offers the opportunity for the users for hosting a meeting with up to the 100 members with many functions including group audio calls, video calls, instant messaging, recording, remote support, and many others.

It will be the best one and we will highly recommend you to use it if you are in a start-up company. It is because you can find it free in the Starter Plan. And also if you are in search of the app for your business which consists of a large number of employees, this will be the best one.


Skype is one of the most famous conference call services of all time. It is being used worldwide for both daily community purpose or for the business purpose. And also it lets you make free conference calls with its features which quick to access and is very easy for joining and using.

It is very famous and perhaps everybody knows its names worldwide. Moreover, Skype also provides several calling plans for cell phones and landlines worldwide. One of the most popular features of it is that you can see up to 25 peoples for joining your free conference calling and you can also see each other very clearly.

Whats App

Whats App is another app that is highly recommended as the best conference call service. It lets you share the texts, making group chats, video calls, voice calls, and also sharing documents with families, friends, clients and partners. The call form the Whats App is simple, secure, as well as free for use. There are more than 1 billion users of Whats App in over 180 countries.

In past few months, Whats App had launched payment method of person-to-person into beta in India and it will be activated very soon in upcoming days.

By looking at its features and the use cases, we can clearly say that we can use it for the informal conference calls and it is the social app. If you are looking for the conference call services for your business, this may not be suitable for you.

Click Meeting

It is one of the best conference call services of the business-oriented. Moreover,  it consists of many professional features for the business partnership. It is also the best platforms for conducting your webinar that offers the free conference meeting calls for all its users.

This is gonna be the best choice for your organization if it is looking for a professional platform for the marketing and sells events, panel decision, or e-learning courses. ClickMeeting also helps in making the audience engaged with your content and makes sure that everyone in the conference is up to date.


Tokbox is the conference call service which is free with 20 users for each session. Even downloading the app is not necessary for performing the interactive audio, video and messaging with your team members for increasing their skills.

This platform is gonna be compatible for you, no matter either you are creating for the web, mobile or desktop. If your company requires the special design, Toxbox can be very helpful because it supported of branded or custom solution.

Google Hangouts

Using a Google Hangouts is very easy. You just need to have a Gmail account. And it’s absolutely free. There are more than a billion active users of Gmail and using Google hangouts can be very helpful for you. It will let you make a call on Hangouts.

Google Hangouts comes from the Google so you can fully trust it as a supportive and reliable. But some of the users do struggle for the odd features and it may lead to the problem if the new user tries to join without the original host.

Besides that, it is one of the best conference call tool and the most important thing is it doesn’t harm the budget.