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5 Best Free & Premium Pinterest Style WordPress Themes of 2018- Information Technology
Author: InfoBeep - July 15, 2018 | subject to copyright

Because of the unique pinboard design of the Pinterest, it has become very famous. And with the help of Pinterest style WordPress theme, easily you can bring the exact same design style to your website of WordPress.

A Pinterest-style WordPress theme is a perfect option for any of the site with much beautiful visual content. But you can also get the creative as well as you can use it for other kinds of sites as well!

For making you easy in getting such themes for your site, we have made a collection of 5 best Pinterest style WordPress themes.

So, let’s begin!


MagPlus is a magazine and a blog theme which is provided with more than 4o demos. Some of the demos look like the common WordPress sites. But if you choose the PinPro demo, you will find a beautiful Pinterest style look which you can see on the above.

More than just a Pinterest style demos, MagPlus also comes with its own different elements which you can place anywhere on your site. By using these elements, you can create your template which goes the included options of 40+.

MagPlus will provide you 12+ different headers layouts for helping you in customizing site of your header. Some of the premium plugins of MagPlus includes:

  • Yellow Pencil Pro
  • Viral Quiz
  • Social Jumbo Pack
  • WPBakery Page Builder

For MagPlus, click HERE

Pinboard from Themify

Pinboard is one of the Pinterest style themes from the Themify. It also has the great grid design as like the Pinterest. Almost they are the same and the user of Pinboard will get the same experience as the Pinterest.

Pinboard also supports the different kinds of multimedia like images, galleries, and videos.

If you wanna change the number of the posts on the display at a time, Pinboard will help you in customizing how the grid works. And its most unique feature is you can see the recent comments right on the items of Pinboard.

Pinboard also includes the Themify Page Builder like all of the themes of Themify. It will help in easy drag-and-drop customization.

For Pinboard, click HERE


Pinfinity is a theme of a Pinterest style from the CSSIgniter. It consists of the feature of the sidebar in its left. There you can add your own widgets, and the centre navigation which is in the top helps your visitors to browse around.

To mimic the functionality of the Pinterest, Pinfinity includes the infinite scrolling. It will help in automatically loading as visitors scrolls down.

Your visitors can also “love” your posts with the help of “Like it button”. Pinfinity will keep the record of the number of people who have “loved” your post and shoe it on the homepage.

And finally, Pinfinity also includes several post formats which help you in different content types i.e. video and gallery.

For Pinify, click HERE


Fashionista is a minimal WordPress theme of a Pinterest style from the WPExplorer. As we can get from its name, it focuses on the fashion niche. But its Pinterest style looks means that you also simply adapt it to the other content.

Like other themes, Fashionista also includes the functionality of built-in for letting your visitors “love” individual posts. It also provides the option for enabling the infinite scroll or an AJAX load more button.

It also consists of several social functionalities for built-in in the form of:

  • Social share buttons on the post
  • An Instagram feed in your footer
  • Social follow icons in the header

You will also have a good control over the layout, with several options of the sidebar, custom sit widths, sticky menus, and much more.

For Fashionista, click HERE


Daze is GIF-friendly Pinterest theme with a gorgeous look but the design is little minimalist.

Beyond its look, you will find a lot of features including:

  • Instagram feed support
  • custom social follow icons
  • Select-to-Tweet functionality
  • Support in built-in advertising for the AdSense or banner ads.

As similar to the other Pinterest style themes, it will also help you in choosing between standard pagination, infinite scroll, or AJAX load more.

fOR Daze, click HERE

Final thoughts on the Best Pinterest style WordPress Themes

Above we have mentioned the name of the best five Pinterest style WordPress Themes. There are also many others Pinterest style WordPress Themes which you can use.

We hope it will be helpful for you!