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5 best WordPress A/B testing plugins to split test your site- INFO BEEP LEVEL UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE
Author: InfoBeep - July 16, 2018 | subject to copyright

A/B testing is a very powerful technique which helps in improving your website with the real data. In place of guessing for choosing whether a design or the post title is the best option, you can easily test it and make sure with the help of A/B testing plugins.

But make sure that you have a WordPress A/B testing plugins before running A/B tests. It will help you to create as well as track your experiments.

But the most difficult task for most of us is to find the right testing plugins according to your needs. For making you easy, we have made a list of 5 A/B testing plugins. We hope these will be helpful to you.

So, let’s begin!


Marketiliazor is one of the very popular testing plugins which is specially designed for helping you out in improving the site performance by the streamlining A/B testing.

You can even use it for creating online surveys and the banner messages for increasing the audience satisfaction. It is totally free for using up to the 10,000 monthly visitors.

You just need to sign up your account, download the plugin, and enter the tracking code which you are provided with.

Some of its primary functions are multiple page tests, a statistical relevance calculator, WYS/WYG editor, custom goals, reporting, and a multi-variant testing.

Moreover, it also has several features for its online surveys, advanced segmentation, and the popup banners. Its premium version is also available for the greater traffic needs as well.

Simple page tester

Simple page tester is also one of the great working as well as the free testing plugins which should be on your radar. You will be easily run the A/B tests within the WordPress.

Simply pick your variations, run the test, and choose the winner based on your collection of data. It is SEO friendly, and of course, offers at a glance results.

If you want more functions of it, you can download the premium version. Premium version includes the full conversion of the tracking and analytics.

This plugin is also fitting in a cache.

WordPress calls to Action

If you are in search of the way for adding CTAs to your site and also test their conversion rates, WordPress Calls Action Plugin is the best one. It helps you in creating great CTAs on your site and also to track their conversions.

It also helps in running A/B tests and multivariate tests as well as increases your leads substantially.

You can also expand the WordPress Calls to Action and it also comes with lots of actions, filters, and the hooks for the developer use.

Nelio A/B testing

Neilo A/B tester is a famous plugin which is designed in order to track and optimize the conversions of your site. You can set up the full A/B experiments and also use it with the Heatmaps for looking at what areas of your sites are getting the more attention.

Moreover, you can test titles, product descriptions, conversion actions, images and many more.

You can also test several menus, themes, landing pages, pages, widgets, and many more than that. it works with many other plugins like offloads processing to an external service and Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7.

This will make sure that your site will not suffer in the name of your tests. You can do the free trial of it. If you want to purchase it, then its starting price is $149 per year.

A/B press optimizer

A/B press optimizer merges into your WordPress dashboard and lets you for creating various variations of a multiple sites elements very easily and quickly. You can also set up many experiments and many various variations, view the real-time reporting, and full support.

It includes the A/B testing shortcode, conversion demographics, variation randomization, visitor demographics, an export feature, Javascript loading, conversion triggers, and many more.

It personal plan is one-time of $489, for Business is $99, and for the Agency is $199.


Well, here you are! Above we have made a list of 5 most popular WordPress A/B testing plugins to split test your site. We hope this article will be helpful to you.