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Tips to get more traffic by using the voice search- INFO BEEP LEVEL UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE
Author: InfoBeep - July 17, 2018 | subject to copyright

Have you ever optimized your website for the Voice Search?

If you haven’t done yet then you will be shocked to know that in the future everyone is going to use the devices such as Alexia, from Amazon, for performing voice searches.

So, it has become very necessary to optimize your website for the Voice Search.

Well, in this article, we are going to show how you can generate a more traffics just by using the voice search.

So let’s move forward!

Tip number one

First of all, make sure that your site is compatible with the HTTPS framework. It is more likely for generating the traffic from the voice search if your website is HTTPS.

We can notice that the results are likely shown by the voice search form the site which has HTTPS.

Tip number two

Well, it is necessary to build the authoritative domain. But it will not be overnight. You are not going to be the next Business Insider, Forbes or Huffington Post, but still, you can be the expert within your niche.

We have found out that the sites which have amazing content, social shares, a lot of links, good user experience are getting the share of the voice search traffic.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an amazing site or an amazing experience. It happens sometimes, but now do something to fix that problem.

Just try to make your content and design better. Go out for a people who link to your competitors and ask them, for a link. To be a leader, go above and beyond with your marketing.

Tip number three

If you want to do a beast in voice search, just make sure that your website loads fast. Maximum it should only take 4.6 seconds to load.

 The fast loading websites are likely to get the traffic from the voice search. If your website loads slowly, surely you are not going to get that traffic.

Make sure that your website is fast loading and loading smoothly. It will be very helpful to get traffic from the voice search.

If you want to get in a voice search, similar to the SEO, make sure that your pages consist over 2,200 words rather than just 500, 600, or 700 words.

If you have more content, Google will index will faster from different terms. This will make you get the traffic more potentially.


So here we are! If you follow all the tips given above, you will surely be able to generate a lot more traffic through the voice search.

It is true that till now it is not too much popular and also it will not make up the majority of your traffic. But you need to get on the top list right? Well, not now but eventually it is being way more popular and I am sure that you won’t be back because of the simple mistake.

If you follow the tips mentioned below, probably you will get traffic from the voice search.

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