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Tips to SKYROCKET Your Mobile Organic Search Traffic- INFOBEEP LEVEL UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE
Author: InfoBeep - July 18, 2018 | subject to copyright

Do you know that the more than 50% of searches on the Google are happening through the mobile devices? This means that more people are using Google on their mobile phones rather than on the desktop computers. There are many ways to SKYROCKET your mobile organic search traffic.

There are 28 billions more peoples who use Google in their mobile phones rather than on their computers. Yes, you heard right! 28 billion more searches happen in the mobile phones than in the computers.

And here, we have made a list of some of the tips on how to generate more mobile organic search traffic.

So, let’s have a look at them!

Tips number one

First of all, whenever it comes on the topic of optimizing your site for a mobile search, create a responsive design. It is used where you could create a separate design for mobile phones and for a desktop. And that is really boring, isn’t it?

Do you really want to manage two different designs for mobile and desktop? I am sure that your answer will be no. Instead of that, you will love to have a design which will work out for mobile devices, laptops, tablet, and desktop computers, isn’t it?

Having devices which will be for all the devices will keep the things really simple. And a way you do that means that you have a responsive design. As your screen size decreases, so does your design will and it will be easy for reading.

Tips number two

Always be sure that your website loads fast. No matter if you have LTE phones or it is 4G or 5G, if you are in a bad network area it will surely take a long time for loading the web pages as well as other websites or web apps.

If you have a super fast loading site on mobile compatible and others, it will surely make a great experience and will help you in boosting your overall mobile organic search traffic.

Let’s just take an example. Suppose you are doing a search on Google from the mobile devices and you land on the web page. But it took too long time to load, what you will do? Surely you will click the back button.

And if everyone clicks the back button, it is the message for the Google telling, hey, we don’t like this site for some of the reasons.

Will you like this being with your site? Of course not, so make sure that your site loads faster.

Tips number three

This tip is similar to the second one to make your website load faster, is leveraging the Google AMP framework. AMP framework or the Google AMP makes sure that your website is user-friendly for the mobile devices too.

Google will show a lot of results which are AMP-friendly whenever you will do the search on the mobile devices. In other words, we can say that they have got their own kind of mobile index.

Make sure that you have got a mobile-friendly design and you are using the AMP framework. It is because it will help you in increasing your odds of getting the more mobile organic search traffic.

With the AMP framework, it will help to make sure that your text is readable, they strip will a lot of the JavaScript and a lot of things such as ads. It will definitely help you in getting more traffic.

And, according to the research, it doesn’t help to get more traffic in the US because people of there have the fast devices and they don’t even care as much. But in the countries like Brazil, it seems the huge increase in the mobile traffic.

Tips number four

A next tip is making sure that your image of the header is small. Don’t make your headers huge because the screen of the mobile is not that much big and the header will not be fitted on it.

Surely you will not want people to continually scroll and scroll until they can read your content. And even if it happens, make sure that your content is easy for reading, and large and dark in colour.

It will help out people to read your content easily and it will create a better user experience.

Tips number five

Never put any kind of crazy popups on your mobile devices. If you have any of the popups which will take up the whole screen, people should exist out and it will be really irritating.

And on the mobile devices, it is not easy to exit out as on the desktop.

Your ranking will start plummeting when there is found too many popups, especially on the mobile devices. So always be sure that you are providing the best user experience because it is seen that it increases the bounce rates.

As well, it will increase time on the site and also decreases the overall rankings because it is sending the Google signals which they have. It will surely make a poor experience for the users.