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7 Best free stock images websites- INFOBEEP LEVEL UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE
Author: InfoBeep - July 23, 2018 | subject to copyright

iStockphoto.com and Shutterstock.com are two popular known paid stock photo sites. Almost every kind of photo you can find here at the hefty price. But it is not possible for all the people to get paid stock photos. But luckily, we have found out the alternative to it. There are also many sites with the free stock images.

Here we have made a list of some of the sites with the free stock images. We hope you will love to have a look at them.


UNSPLASH contains over 300,000 beautiful and high-resolution free stock images from more than 60,000 contributors. You can do whatever you want with these photos. It doesn’t contain a complete volume images as a paid sites, but also the photos provided by it are of high quality.

Thousands of photos are added every day on this site. There are good chances of getting the types of photos which you are looking for on this free stock images site.


The mission of GRATISOGRAPHY is something different than other sites. They are trying to be the unusual and weird free stock images website in the world. There are not many images as other sites on the GRATISOGRAPHY, but this is not their aim.

Their main motive is to provide the most unusual unique images. They consist of fewer images but they are also most unique which you might not be able to find somewhere else.

So if you are interested in finding the unique images, this free stock images site will be the best.


This site consists of a very large database of the high-quality images. This site has given more importance to the marketing and the business than to the Unsplash. It means that this site will be very helpful for the content marketers and the bloggers.

Another thing which makes PIXABAY popular is that they also offer the free illustrations and vectors.


STOCKVAULT is another best source of the free stock images, wallpapers, and also of the textures. The collection of the images in this site is half of the Unsplash, but it is unique as well as daily addition is done in this site.

This site also has a well-organized and a search engine for the browsing by the category.


PEXELS is one of the best free stock images website. XSN

Moreover, this site also has free stock videos. This site will be the best choice for the bloggers.


PICJUMBO is a site which has been created by the 24-year-old photographer. His photos were rejected by the famous stock sites. After that, he decided to create his own site for the  stock images and he created PicJumbo.

This site is also popular nowadays for the free stock images. Now, PicJumbo is flourishing with the free image community with many beautiful photos which are free.


PIKWIZARD has a huge collection of the stock images which has made it popular. Beside free stock images, design wizard is also offered by the PIKWIZARD which lets you make a simple edit like adding of the text overlays before downloading the images.

You can do the simple edit with the free version but if you like to do more editing you can use the paid version of it. The paid version of it consists of the full-feature online image editing tool.