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5 ways to manage emails and control spam in Outlook- INFOBEEP LEVEL UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE
Author: InfoBeep - July 25, 2018 | subject to copyright

Even though applying all the efforts, spam in outlook will live on. Even though, there are some of the features of the outlook for helping it to slow down. Here are some of the things which you can do control the spam in Outlook and also some tips to work within a corporate Outlook system.

Use Block sender frequently

You can use the Block sender feature of Outlook for adding unwanted spam to your list of Block Sender and you can easily move it to the folder of Junk Email. If you receive just fewer emails a day, it will work fine.

For doing it, click on the Spam email > junk (from the drop menu) > Block Sender. After doing that Outlook will immediately mark and will relocate it.

You can frequently use the Block Sender to automatically add the senders to the folder of Junk Email.

Set up a Blocked Sender list

There are many phishing groups impersonating a legitimate organization, including epaypal.com, Yahoo6.com, or the email from the wellsfargo with an EarthLink address (hbird80@earthlink.net).

If you have got a lot of spam from these or from a single ISP or country, you can easily add these actors to the list of Block List by group, company, ISP, country, or the other criteria.

Simply select Home > Junk > Junk Email Options > Blocked Senders tab. After that, click on the Add button and enter the code of the country, a group domain, or even the fake company (epaypal.com).

But even after using this technique you will get the spam in Outlook to form some of the individuals or companies which you recently blocked. For these problems, using wildcards may be the better solution.

Make the rules for sorting, moving and more

There’s one feature of the Outlook called as “Create Rule”. It offers the custom email management which will be based on the condition which you will define in its virtual rulebook.

If you want to move to email to another folder, simply select it. Click Home > Rules > Create Rule. Outlook will as in the dialogue box: when I get the email with the chosen condition, do the following: Play selected sound, Move the item to the folder, or Display in New Item Alert Window.

Outlook will conclude that you want to check all of the three top boxes, but don’t hesitate to uncheck those which do not apply.  Check for the boxes which perform the actions you require at the bottom, and then click “OK”.

Rule Wizard (advanced options)

You can simply create the rules which will help you to block the spam in Outlook or to set up the number of other handy tasks. It will be based on the fixed criteria which you will set.

Simply click Home > Rules >Create Rule. After that, click on the Advanced Options button in the Create Rule dialogue box.

Outlook will ask on the Rules Wizard dialogue box: “Which condition(s) will you like to check? Step1: Select Condition(s) and Scroll through the list and select the conditions which fit your situation. Outlook enters the conditions in the Step2 box. Click Next.

Outlook will ask in the second Rules Wizard dialogue: What will you like for doing with the message? Step1: Select Action(s) and Click Next.

Outlook will ask in the third Rules Wizard dialogue: Are there any exceptions? Step 1: Select Exceptions. UserKC will choose to add a safety exception: do nothing if the name/email address of the sender matches a record in my current address book.

Inspect the exception box and click on the underlined “specified” Address Book, click on the applicable contact list, and then click “Add”.

Notice the new Step 2 box contains all the rules which you have just created. If it is acceptable, click Finish.

Check the spam folders frequently

There are multiple levels of the Spam, blocking and phishing files and also the rules which control them. The additional filters and rules which you have created on your own computer will protect you.

But in addition to these, there are various systems like the antivirus program, internet provider, network administration, individual supervisor. These will also protect the users from the harmful and unsolicited communities.

Frequently check your spam at every level, mostly if you are expecting for the communication which will never show up.