3 DISASTROUS Business Mistakes most of the Entrepreneurs makes204

3 DISASTROUS Business Mistakes most of the Entrepreneurs makes- INFOBEEP LEVEL UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE
Author: InfoBeep - July 29, 2018 | subject to copyright

Are you launching a product and have no idea what should you do? Well, you should know that if you want traffic, if you want to be successful, if you want to generate the sales, you are surely going to make some business mistakes. And these business mistakes will be the determinant of your success.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the business mistakes which most of the businessman does while launching the product.

First business mistake

The first business mistake which probably most of the businessman does is launching the product. it is not necessary to launch your product if you wanna make revenue.

We mean that, if you have an idea, don’t waste your time, energy and money in your products instead of creating a landing page. You can simply use the tools such as Unbounce and the Lead pages for promoting the products which you are trying to create or thinking about creating.

You can also use the tools like ClickFunnles for doing this. After that, go and create the product. It will not be that much hard to create the product if you know that you have traction.

If it takes too long, it will not be wrong to refund the people. At least you should be sure that the product which you create will be loved by people and they will pay for it.

The last thing which most of the businessman does is spending thousands of dollars on a product and the result will end on generating no sales. And that sucks, isn’t it?

Because of this reason people are leveraging the things like Kickstarter. You may not have the idea about it, but it’s the cool one. Create a landing page and put it in the Kickstarter.

People will surely promote it and if they like it, they will surely purchase it. That’s the reason for being successful on Kickstarter.

Second business mistake

Another of the business mistakes businessman does is not doing MVP of the product. Create an MVP of your product. Even if you created it and people are paying for it, it is not just about creating this fully-bloated product which you think everyone will like. You don’t need the whistles and bells at all.

Instead of that, you can read the book “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. You can take an idea from there about creating minimum valuable products.

It will help in creating a stuff which everyone will need instead of creating the things which makes your products look fancy and cool. Instead of creating these fully-bloated things and finding out, consider MVping the things. 80% of the features we create are useless.

We spend lots of money on the development of the physical product and software. So if you don’t wanna waste your money, use your MVP.

You can take help if you are not sure about doing MVPing your product. It is not too hard and there will also be the help and guide for you.

Third business mistake

The third business mistake which people do is not building up the hype. Do you know the secret behind the success of Apple? Well, every time when they do launch, they build up tons of hype.

It is not necessary to release the products on a landing page mainly if already your company is around. You can simply end up creating a ton of hype.

You can generate press even if you have a brand new company.  Simply give ideas to peoples but don’t share too much. After that, start to create some excitement and buzz.

And then you can create a landing page on your website and make a list that people will sign up for being notified whenever the release comes out.