3 Lessons we can learn from spending over $400 on the Facebook Ads432

3 Lessons we can learn from spending over $400 on the Facebook Ads- INFO BEEP LEVEL UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE
Author: InfoBeep - July 30, 2018 | subject to copyright

Do you have any idea which one is the most popular advertising network out there? It’s Google AdWords. Do you know second most popular ad network out there? It’s the Facebook ads.  It is not easy to run the Facebook ads as much you think it is.

Many people spend the ton of money on Facebook and even after that, they become unsuccessful because of the simple mistake.

In today’s article, we are going to share you some of the ideas about three important lessons we learn from spending over the $400,000 on the Facebook ads.

First lesson

Never ever spend your money on buying the subscribers. Keep in mind that Algorithms keeps changing from time to time. They might also restrict how much your video or post is viral and it can end up going. You will not get a lot of reach to your content if it is not amazing.

If you are thinking of spending the money, make sure that there is ROI in it. By using this concept you will keep getting the subscribers. And you can even keep going back to them for the traffic. But it is a huge mistake. Instead, you can spend money for per click, take them to service page or product and generate revenue.

You might get back three to one. You can spend the dollar on ads and generate three dollars in revenue. Facebook advertising is really the effective one.

Second lesson

The second concept is that it is the best to use the video ads when you are doing the ads. Most of the people don’t like to create the videos. Everyone mostly prefers banner because it is easy. But if you take your time in making videos, your conversions will be much higher.

Make sure that the text and there’s transcription automatically starts playing when you are optimizing for the videos. People mostly like the video ads when the transcript is going there. It will make easy to read and understand.

Make sure that your video consists of the convey emotions and a good length. You should anyhow make a people to be hooked up in your video ads, so tell a story. If not then people will click through your site and have the cheapest amount of click. And it will generate less amount of revenue.

Optimize for ROI instead of optimizing just for spend reduction. If you are making more money, it will not be bad to spend the extra dollar per click.

Don’t think about the amount you are spending instead focus on the revenue which you are making by spending the dollars.  That’s the main key of the Facebook ads.

Third lesson

Most people might not tell you, especially if you are running the banners in an algorithm of Facebook, you will see hey this is a new ad; we are going to push it, give it the priority.

But what we do is throw up the ads and within the hour we change up the text and start running the new one. And that’s what makes our impressions cheaper and the premium placement.

Most of the people don’t like doing this because it is very time-consuming. But it’s not the joke at all.

Because of our simple ignorance, our peak will be reducing spend by over the 30%. It can be huge saving if you are spending hundreds of dollars.


So here we are! Hopefully, you have learned from this lessons and best of luck for your Facebook ads. If you are not sure what you should do with your landing pages or your campaigns, consider taking a help from the professionals.