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Plugins that scan your content and suggest practical SEO improvement tips- INFOBEEP LEVEL UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE
Author: InfoBeep - August 7, 2018 | subject to copyright

Plugins are the mini codes or programs which are written by an individual or by the companies to the premium version. It is also the main part of your website and also affects the website in some way. Plugins are very necessary for SEO improvement tips.

There are many plugins which are provided with the options of updating to the premium version for the increased functionality. Some of the plugins may only be available by the purchase.

Some might be free but many of them ask for the donation. Mainly, there is no need to purchase and plugins. Most of the popular plugins can be got for free.

There are many plugins which scan your content as well as suggests SEO improvement tips. All of those plugins are very popular and useful as well.

But among all of them, Semrush plugins is suggested by most of the professional content writers. Semrush is being used by the many professionals.

What is semrush?

Semrush was introduced in 2008 as a small group of the SEO and IT specialists.  The main mission of it is to make an online competition transparent and fair by providing equal opportunity to all.

In today’s days, semrush is well-known as the best plugins. It is very popular and useful plugins at all.

Features of semrush

There are many features of the semrush. Here, the functions of the semrush are categorized into three groups:

Analytics Reports

You can insight into the strategies of your competitors in organic and paid search, display advertising, and link building.

The functions under the Analytics Reports are:

Organic research

  • You can see the best keywords of the competitors
  • Discover the new organic competitors
  • Observe the position change of the domains

Advertising Research

  • Easily uncover the Ad strategies and Budgets of your competitors
  • Analyze the Ad copies and Keywords of your online Rivals
  • Find out the more competitors in AdWords and Bing Ads
  • Make your Ad Campaigns localized.

Display Advertising

  • Have a look at the popular advertisers and the publishers
  • Analyze the display ad of the competitors
  • Find out the new competitors
  • You can view displays from the other devices also


  • You can develop the deep link analysis
  • Easily understand the authority of the domains
  • Check out the types of the backlinks
  • Spot the geo-location of your links

Keyword Research

  • Easily find out the perfect keywords for the PPC and SEO campaigns.
  • Collect the related keywords and the phrase matches
  • Get the long-tail keywords
  • Explore the multilingual and the multinational environments

Product Listing Ads

  • You can easily define out the product listing ads of your competitors
  • Get insight into the product feeds of your PLA competitors
  • View the best performing PLAs of your competitors



You can easily visualize and combine the data of Semrush for comparing the competitive domains and the estimate keywords difficulty just in a few clicks.

The Functions under the tools are:

Keyword Difficulty

  • You can easily find out the keywords in a less competition
  • Easily estimate the difficulty of the keyword

Domain vs. Domain

  • Set the side-by-side comparisons of the domains
  • Set the unique and common keywords of the domains
  • Visualize the data


  • Easily compare the domains with the key visibility indicators
  • In a few clicks, conduct the comparative analysis

My Reports

  • Collect all the data of semrush in one elegant custom report of PDF
  • Easily do the designing of your report by using the commenting and the branding features
  • Schedule and share the reports to go out on the regular basis

Keyword Magic Tool

  • Get an idea of over 2 million keywords
  • For segmenting your keywords by the topic, use the keyword grouping
  • Save the keywords in the keyword analyzer by selecting the best one
  • Move the chosen keyword to other semrush tools
  • Create the list of up to 50 targeted keywords


You can launch the global campaigns for your website with the help of semrush. You can also get all the necessary metrics concerning its keyword ranking and competitors.

The functions under projects are:

Position Tracking

  • Easily track your positions for any types of keywords
  • Find out the local competitors
  • Make a group of keywords with the tags
  • Make a target to different devices

Site audit

  • Check the health of your site with the SEO tool provided by this plugin
  • Find out the SEO issues and easily fix it
  • Track the optimization process of SEO
  • Find out and fix the mistakes o0f hreflang
  • With the help of HTTPS checks, make a good security of your website

Social Media Tracker

  • Develop the social media strategy
  • Find out and analyze the results
  • Build best reports

Social Media Poster

  • Easily post into the social media from one place
  • Post schedule and manage your schedule
  • Use the advanced features to save the time on the social media management
  • Analyze the performance of your content

Brand Monitoring

  • Monitor the reputation of your brand
  • Find out the new opportunities
  • Track the backlinks
  • Get ideas from your competitors

On page SEO checker

  • Study the Google ranking factors which are affecting the performance of your website
  • Get the best ideas based on the data which are collected
  • Carry out an in-depth comparative analysis of the top 10 performances of the Google

Backlink Audit Tool

  • Use search console integration to find out all of your backlinks
  • Find out and remove the dangerous backlinks
  • Send the harmful backlinks to the Google Disavow tool
  • Use the regular recrawls to keep your backlinks profile clean

Organic Traffic Insights

  • Open the ‘not provided’ keywords
  • Merge the search console and Analytics data
  • Analyze the keyword potential

Content Analyzer

  • Access the content of your website
  • Measure the content which you publish externally
  • Compare the different content pieces’ performance

PPC keyword tool

  • Use multiple channels to collect the keywords
  • Manage and optimize the list of a keyword
  • Get rid of the keywords that are cross-group negative
  • Use the recommendations to polish your keyword list


We can get many of the plugins on the net which are worth using. There are many best plugins which give you the SEO improvement tips but comparing the functionality, work speed, facility, and many other things, semrush can be considered as the best one.