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Wix vs WordPress: Which is Best CMS for Web Development?- IFOBEEP LEVEL UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE
Author: InfoBeep - August 9, 2018 | subject to copyright

Content Management Systems (CMS) can be considered as the blessing for the web development community. Millions of the users are now able to obtain the high quality and productive virtual presence without requiring any types of substantial investments. There are several products on the market which are very popular among various groups of the users and have their own distinctive characteristics. Let’s take two of the very popular names of the domains and do the comparison of them, Wix vs WordPress, which one is the best CMS.

Wix vs WordPress by Development Costs


One of the most important determining factors in the section of the platform is the price of developing the website. Wix helps the users to build a basic web interface for free. But users cannot choose a preferred domain name and advertisements will run on the website.

Wix provides a huge range of features with the different level of storage, bandwidth and functionalities. you can choose any one according to your requirement.


WordPress is one of the open source platforms.  The decent website can easily be built for free with only a domain name. But the hosting services charges will be required to be paid.

You will need the plugins and the themes for enhancing the appearance and for adding the functionality to the interface. It comes in both version i.e. paid and free. Development in the WordPress is rather economical.

Wix vs WordPress by User friendliness


We can consider Wix as the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor. It is very simple and the drag and drop interface of the Wix makes the whole process easier. It also makes hassle-free even for the people who are technically deficient.

Adding the media or altering the content can easily be done. But there is the limitation for personalizing because the product is designed for the amateur users.


The dashboard of the WordPress is very easy and convenient tool but it is very necessary to get little knowledge about it before using. The abundance of the themes and the plugins maybe the little bit difficult for the amateur users to understand.

Besides that, each and every plugin and theme contains its own characteristics which you need to understand before modifying. The process is not that much difficult for before taking every step you should be little familiar with it.

Wix vs WordPress by Design and Flexibility


More than 500 pre-loaded templates are offered with the Wix. All the templates are fully responsive. It is provided with the built-in tools which can be customized by making the change in the design, arrangement, and layout of the elements.

All the templates are categorized according to the different industries by the products. Because of this reason, you can easily select the one for the intended website.

Wix also provides the apps which can be helpful for adding the new functionalities to the virtual interface.


You can see the versatility of the WordPress web development in the abundance of the plugins and themes which are available for personalizing and designing the new creation. The WordPress is open source. This has made many developers to fashion difficult themes of both free and paid version.

The owners also have a freedom to add any number of new functionalities in the forms of a plugin. You can enjoy the total control over every aspect of their product.

Wix vs WordPress by eCommerce options


One of the main factors in determining the best one is the economic capacity of the website. Wix contains templates for many virtual outlets.

You can pay for it after paying the price of all the necessary features like payment options, shopping cart, inventory management, etc.


The very powerful solution is presented by the WordPress in the form of the huger popular Woocommerce plugin which has been used by many people in order to open an online store.

The platform is very flexible which makes easier for the owner to add many features. Owners can add the features without getting trouble to an outlet for selling any kind of services or the products. There are many other plugins which you can use for the purpose.

Wix vs WordPress by the Support system


The support team of the Wix is 24-hour on duty. You can reach to them by email or phone for uploading extensive information. The information should be related to each of the features of the website.


Tutorial and the guides in the form of text and video are provided with the WordPress. There are many articles provided on the internet provided for the guidance.

But it may be difficult for the amateur for finding out the relevant information. If so, you can hire WordPress developer for the job.


It has been clear from the above comparison of the question Wix vs. WordPress. You may have got the result about which one is better CMS.

Wix is best for amateurs for finding the best product where are WordPress is best for choosing the open source. So it will be dependent on you which you find out beneficial.