15 Best Blogs to Follow About Programming1035

Author: InfoBeep - August 20, 2018 | subject to copyright

A blog is the kind of online diary or the journal that is located on the website. The blog’s content includes the pictures, videos, texts and even the scans from the old offline diaries or journals. There are many best programming blog which you can follow. But before doing that, you need to know about the popular blogs.

So, here, we have made a list of top 15 best programming blog to follow about programming.

Let’s have a look at them!


Tutorialspoint is considered as one of the best programming blogs. It is the collection of the online contents for self-learning. Moreover, it provides a simple learning with the clean, crisp and to-the-point content on a wide range of the technical and non-technical subjects.

The content of Tutorialspoint is very useful for learning new skills from your own place.

Six Revisions

Six Revisions was founded by the programming guru, Jacob Gube in 2008. It is the best programming blog which consists the useful and viable articles on a programming for the web engineers and planners.

You will also get the information about the instructional exercises, guidance in the programming tools and much other information on anything like CSS, HTML, JavaScript and many others.

If you are really interested in developing your career in programming, this blog is gonna be very helpful for you.

Google Developer blog

Google Developer blog is owned by the Google. This is the best programming blog that contains the applicable discussion group which is for the programmers. It is mainly for the programmers who use the product of Google developer.

This blog will be very useful for your programming career if you want to work on the project of Google development. It also helps in providing the insights and news on the Google platforms, events, and the tools.

Coding Horror

The Coding Horror is another programming blog which has been proven to be resourceful for the programmers. Jeff Atwood, the main blogger, is a software developer. He is a well-developed programmer.

The thing I like most is the manner in which the programming content is delivered. It is quiet and quirky targeting to all levels of programmers.

The blog is not much action in this year but it contains hundreds of blogs articles on the main coding and programming concepts.

Hackerearth Blog

Hackerearth is considered as one of the popular programming contest sites. Experts run this blog in the industry. There are many articles on the various programming tools and the cutting-edge technology which might go on a long way in assisting you in being a pro in the programming.

Moreover, there are also many webinars which will help you to make an effective programming blog.


DZone is the best programming blog that offers the great insights into the world of development and coding. There are many articles which contain many helpful contents which are well-detailed and written by the professionals in the programming field. This is the blog which you should be familiar with.

The Linux Foundation blog

If you are in search of the contents related to the open source and the shell scripting or any things which revolve around the software programming and engineering, then the Linux Foundation blog will be the best programming blog option for you.

There are several details about the programming as well as the articles which are written by the authors from the Linux Foundation. The writers of these articles are the experts in programming and the software engineering.

Linux is one of the best operating systems for the experts. Because of this reason, it is very essential to know about what’s going on the world of the Linux.

The Github blog

The Github blog provides you with the opportunity of being connected with the coders, students, and teachers as well. You will get the special assignments that will be very helpful for sharpening your skills as a programmer.

You can freely post any kinds of questions related to the issues of programming. There are also many helpful articles by the teachers and the students. It will help you in developing your content for the programming blog.

Microsoft Development blog

Microsoft Developer blog is the software which is being run by the professional engineers who have a vast knowledge about programming. These programming blogs are simple and very useful so it is the must-read for all the programmers.

Up to date information of the technological advancement and recent software is provided in this blog. These can be very helpful for you to overcome with the quality of your content for your personal programming blog.

Code Better

You should read this blog if you are in search of the best practice methods in the programming. There are many bloggers in the Code Better and all of them are programming experts.

Most of them are the software developers. You will also get tutorials on the Code Better which can help you to be a perfect programmer.

Specky Boy

The Specky Boy blog introduces itself as a design magazine. Specky Boy was published by the Paul Andrew. He focuses on the design resources as well as provides helpful tips for the up to date web technologies.

It is a very essential blog for the front-end developers for being up-to-date about the information.

David Walsh

David Walsh will be very helpful for you if you want to get comfortable in the field of the software development. Several articles about jQuery, PHP, CSS, JavaScript and much more are provided in David Walsh. This blog will be worth checking.

Stoyan’s phpied.com

Stoyan’s phpied.com is one of the great blogs which mentions the personal blog from the Stoyan Stefano. He is the Facebook engineer as well as the author of some of the famous books.

It is one of the best places for finding the new articles, frameworks, as well as the tools.


Scotch.io is one of the aspiring sites which publics the articles, videos, and tutorials about the node, Bootstrap, JavaScript and many more. It is certainly one of the best places to go if you are looking for the development resources or the new inspiration.


OnextraPixel is provided with really the useful articles which are very helpful for your programming career. It’s the article about some of the useful tips of the HTML5 or a new jQuery library. I am pretty sure that you will get some of the inspiring content in this blog.