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How to Check Your Site Ranking in a Google Search - INFOBEEP
Author: InfoBeep - September 4, 2018 | subject to copyright

If you have been investing your money and time in creating the website, then there’s also need to make a good SEO strategy for that site. It means, you have searched for the keywords for every page and also optimized for the site ranking.  But how will you know that your work is working properly or not?

Finding out the place where the ranking of the site in the search engine like Google is a good place to start. But it is not as easy as it sounds. It can be very difficult and time-consuming.

Google forbids the programs from checking ranks

You will get many results if you search on Google about how to check your site ranking position on Google. But these services are misleading at the best. Most of them are incorrect and some of the services can even put you in the infraction of the terms of services of Google. This will not be a good idea if you want to stay in their good graces and on their site.

In our experience, we have tried out different several tools advertised for checking the search rank and they didn’t work anyway. Some of them were even blocked by the Google because the tool was sending too many automated queries. Others were working but incorrectly and inconsistent results.

Checking to see if SEO is working or not

If Google is not allowing the programs to go through the search engine results, how will you be able to find out whether your SEO efforts are working or not?

Well, we have some suggestions:

Go through the search engine manually

This is one of the most tedious ways to find where your page is showing up in the search. But it will not be 100% reliable. Different Google servers can deliver different types of results. But it will probably work and Google also allows these kinds of access. But it is time-consuming and also not at all exciting.

Use your analytics software

Using the Web analytics software will tell you the URL which your customers were on before making it to your page. This is the referrer and any of them which comes from the Google should have the page number which can be found on your page.

Go through your server log files

You can see what pages will come from to get your page as long as your web server logs are in the combined log formats which will referrer the information. Any of the results from Google will inform you where your page was shown in their search.

Use a Google Webmaster Tools

You can easily see all the keywords which people were using to find your site by going to the “search queries” section of the Google Webmaster tools for your site. Webmaster tools will make your position in the search result when you click on the keywords which you are interested in.

Figuring out the site ranking for a new site

All of the above-given suggestions are about someone finding your page through search and clicking through from Google. But if your page is in the ranking of 95, probably no one will ever go that down. It will make a low site ranking.

For the new pages, mostly for the SEO works, you should mainly focus on what is working instead of your arbitrary rank in the search engine.