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Search Engine Ranking checking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing - INFOBEEP
Author: InfoBeep - September 6, 2018 | subject to copyright

Search Engine Ranking is very necessary. Here are some of the tools that help in monitoring your Search Engine Ranking. It is not all-inclusive lists, but also here are the highlights of some of the tools that you can use.

Using Your Google Site Information Page

First of all, open the browser and go to the homepage of Google. After that, type ‘info:’. You can also use this trick for finding out which pages are indexed by the search engine spider of Google.

This search will help inform you about the pages that Google finds similar to yours. It will also inform you about the site that is considered to be linked to you, and the sites which carry your full URL hyperlinked or not.

It might not be totally accurate as far as telling you about all the sites which are linked back to yours. But you can learn backlinks matter from this.

Figure out when the Google spidered you

From here, you will be able to know about the last day when your homepage was spidered by the Google. For this action, click on the group of information links, ‘show Google’s cache of’.

The date will also be expressed if you look next to the word ‘cached’ on the first line. Sometimes there might be different cached time for ‘’ and’. So make sure you check them both.

Find the information about your site in Yahoo

Yahoo’s webmaster Resources will inform you about the way to find out about what sites you are linked with. It will also provide you with the results about how many pages of your site are in Yahoo, and more.

Discover status of your site on Bing

Bing has got a good section for the site owners. It includes the information about the site indexing and web crawler of Bing. As the page in the help sections status, you can use ‘site:’ for finding out whether the document at your site has been indexed or not. The result page will also provide you with the date of last caching of your site.

Google Rankings

Google Rankings is the perfect site for checking your rankings with the Google. But you should have a ‘free Google API key’ for this. The site also has the direct links which tell you where to get the one. You just have to put this key to query the site for the information on the Google.

You will be able to find the rank within the top 40-1000 results for the given keywords in Google with the help of Google Rankings. It will also display the results for the Yahoo and MSN with the links to each search engine.

There are also several other tools that will track your keywords over the time. Ultimate SEO Tool will help to find the keyword density of your site.

Google Backlinks Checker

Backlinks Checker will help to measure the number of links that you have pointed back to your site against the competing sites. It will be very helpful if you just want to have a quick comparison of how many links you have compared to others.

Yahoo Search Engine Ranking

By using the Yahoo Search Rankings, you will be able to find where you rank within top 1000 results for the given keywords in Yahoo. It will be very helpful if you just want to see your Yahoo rankings.

You can also find many other Yahoo tools that use the Yahoo Web API at their developer’s site.