RESTFul API in PHP and its importance for developers475

RESTFul API in PHP and its importance for developers - INFOBEEP
Author: InfoBeep - September 12, 2018 | subject to copyright

A RESTful API is an application program interface API that uses very important HTTP request to PUT, GET, DELETE and POST data whenever you need. In other words, RESTFul API is a logical choice for building APIs. It effectively allows end users to connect and interact with cloud services. Basically RESTFul APIs are using by many sites, including Google, Amazon, Twitter and Linkedln.

A RESTful API breaks down a transaction to create a series of small modules. Each of it addresses a particular underlying part of the transaction. This is a very popular application in today’s world.  This is very useful for developers due to its following reasons.

Stateless client/server protocol

This is very important features of RESTFul API. All the necessary information regarding your developing program can you collect from this REST API which means that neither the client nor the server needs to remember any previous state to satisfy it.

So it is very useful for all developers. Also, it is possible to define all kinds of data and information without any problem. It is one of the very important features of RESTFul API.

Uniform interface

Another very important benefit that developers can take from REST API is it is the very uniform interface. To transfer data the REST system applies specific actions POST, GET, PUT and DELETE on the resources.

And they provide identify with URL. This makes it easier to obtain a uniform interface that systematizes the process with the information.

Layer system

This is another very important feature of RESTFul API that has a layer system which is very important for developers. Hierarchical architecture between the components is the best part of this application.  

Each layer has functionality within the REST system so that it is very easy to use while developing an application.

Use of hypermedia

In the case of a REST API, the concept of hypermedia explains the capacity of an app development interface to provide the client and the user with the adequate links to run specific actions on the data. So it is also very important features of REST API that helps application developers.

The separation between the client and the server

Due to this reasons, a developer can collect the benefits from this very popular application REST. The REST protocol totally separates the user interface from the server and the data storage. This has some more benefits also for application developers.

Visibility, reliability and scalability

The separation between client and server has one evident advantage, and it is that each development team can be scale the product without too any problem. 

In each and every kinds of application, it is very necessary to have Visibility, Reliability and Scalability all these good features can be found in this application.

The RESTFul API is always independent of the type of platform or languages

The REST API always adapts to the type of platforms being used, which gives considerable freedom while changing new environments within the development.

So that it is very useful for developers.  The traditional way of handling versioning in REST is to apply some version number to the URL either in the domain or in the resource path.