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Top 10 android apps you can’t live without - INFOBEEP
Author: InfoBeep - September 12, 2018 | subject to copyright

Each and every month tons of android apps are made. All most every month users are searching for new apps. This leads the application developments. People use the different android apps in their devices to enhance the new experiences.

Here are top 10 android apps that we can’t live without:


One of the very amazing and wonderful Android apps is Sunshine. In this app, a person can see a realistic sky map also this is unique features of this app. sunshine help to the weather forecast. Due to such features sunshine becomes the most popular app of android.

Lux Manager

One of the best apps of android is lux Manager. This android app is particularly serving in smart Samsung Lighting devices. But then it has very good features it helps you to control the brightness and also you can apply different colour schemes. And even you can set up sleep timer also.


This is another very important android app. This helps you to be well managed like you can collect the friends and can do the group work. Especially this app is helping those people who are like to be work in the group. And also you can change the group according to the work. This all are the amazing features of the androids apps.


This is another very important android app. Sorted especially helps you to organize your necessary documents and email for your personal use. Without this android app almost we can’t live. A function of this app is very good.


Comics are the best and useful android app that helps you to find out the books store. With these good features, you can choose the best book and can buy what you like. It is very easy to buy your best and interesting book.


It is the great list keeper and it helps you to record your voice. Through this application, you can do various kinds of work. And we can say it is a digital multi-tool. You can use it in a different way also. So that it becomes popular in a very short period of time. Without this android app, you can’t live.


Development of different types of the web app is useful for all people. Each and every type of app has their own kinds of function and capacity. In a similar manner, we take one of the very important android apps Feedly. Actually, this helps you to read the different new and blog post on Google.

Google Drive

It is a great cloud stronger service. With the help of this android app, we can access our important files from anywhere. And you can present the data that you collect from any sources with your friends. This is the very amazing android app of this present time.

Inbox by Gmail

For some people, it may be problematic to handle the huge amount of email. But now this helps you to find out the best way to manage the different data through this application. Inbox by Gmail is the great android app which develops to help to manage the email.


LastPass is one of the great android apps. Basically, this helps you to fix the different password for your file. With the password manager, you let the app generate unique. This app can be used in more than one type of devices.