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Top 5 JavaScript frameworks in 2016 - INFOBEEP
Author: InfoBeep - September 12, 2018 | subject to copyright

There are various kinds of the JavaScript frameworks. Each of them comes out every year or sometime every month also. But in this competitive world, it is very hard to be standing in this tough competition.

Here are the top five JavaScript frameworks of 2016 which is the result of various researches:


This is one of the best JavaScript frameworks of 2016. From the beginning of its releasing time, it collects a lot of users around the world.

This is very popular frameworks due to its features. It seems to be the most beloved JavaScript web framework for building single page applications. Among its popular users are GoDaddy, Forbes, Udemy, Ford, The Oscars, NBA, etc.

It has both positive and negative sides. Some of the positive sides are properly documenting architecture, Possibility to create custom DOM elements and aimed at making application testing easy. Its website is


It was released in 2010. And it is very popular from its releasing date.  There are so many frameworks are releases in that year but among them, this is still in most use frameworks. It has also very distinct characteristics as like other various kinds of frameworks.

Some of the positive aspects of this framework are small in size, simple and fast, quite easy to learn and active community. You can see its detail in


React.js was created by the team of Facebook developers and came out in 2013. Being pretty new in comparison with other JavaScript frameworks it confidently wins its niche.

Countries with the highest interest in it include Singapore, Philippines, Norway, Czech Republic, and the United States. Its positive sides are the most rapidly developing JavaScript framework, fast-growing community, Reusability of code due to reacting components and Virtual DOM that speeds updates. Its website is React.js.


This is another very popular JavaScript Framework that was released in 2011.  JavaScript framework was best in 2015. It is the very useful framework for the website designer.  

It has also some of the popular functions such as Active community, Constant development of features, very simple to learn, Stable performance and Ability of self-configuration. Also, you visit


It is an official open-source product of Durandal that is famous for creating various tools, libraries, and frameworks. The reputation of its creators speaks for itself, so you can be sure that it will be under professional guidance. The community of experts will take care of that. 

Various kind of its popular functions is Neat documentation, High testability of code, various additional tools and Commercial support from its creators.  All these positive sides of this JavaScript framework make a good image in the mind of its users.  For more detail, you can visit