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Author: InfoBeep - September 12, 2018 | subject to copyright

This day’s people are competing with different kinds of work and working tool. To face the challenge of all these things there are develop different kinds of equipment.  PHP frameworks help to make complex website and app.  

A lot of different science and technology is developing making our regular work easy. It may be on household work or it may be an organizational work. The PHP is known as the most popular server side to make your website making the skill easier.

There are so many problems can be seen while designing the different website. There are various reasons why the developers use the PHP framework while doing work.

First one is it helps to develop the skill of speed while designing the work. And also helps to increase the possibility to make the work correct. It also helps to provide well design and reasonable code.

You can feel less worried about the low-quality security of a site. It also helps to present the difference between presentation models. It also helps to promote the new kinds of development practices.

Top 5 PHP frameworks are:


Actually, it was released in 2011. It has a very good feature that helps you to fast application development. There are numerous online researches Laravel is the most popular PHP framework.

Due to its different features, it becomes the first choice of many developers. Laravel has one of the most famous features is, it contains its own light-weight templating engine. It helps you to use it frequently.


It is another very famous and popular kind of PHP framework. Symphony helps you to finish verities of task regarding website design.

Some of the related works are object configuration, routing and many others. This PHP framework Symphony has its very cool showcase section also.


In the list of top 5 PHP frameworks, this comes in number three position. With the different future, this is also the best choice of developers. It is almost 10 years old.

But still, it is on the way to gain the popularity in this field. One of the great features is it has a very straightforward installation process. Another important feature is you can avoid PHP version conflict.


The great way of boosting your site performance is using Yii2. The entire PHP framework is good and equally faster.  But Yii2 is faster than comparing to other.

With this features, it is the success to capture the big attention of many developers.  Yii2 is purely based on object-oriented.


It is also a very good and popular PHP framework. The time of release is no longer but it is very popular. Since its release date, it is the best choice of various websites and web apps designer. It has also a very highest level of performance.