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What’s new in Laravel 5 - INFOBEEP
Author: InfoBeep - September 12, 2018 | subject to copyright

The Laravel 5 comes to an overhaul of the directory structure of the starter apps.  Laravel 5 contains various new features and it can help you to do the different website function. The directories now only contain application logic.

The new and attractive features of Laravel 5 are:


One of the very amazing new additions of this website app developer is namespacing.  This feature helps you to use a different name in your website design.

This feature is very popular and like by all the developer. Comparatively, it is very new features in all among the website app developer. Another very important feature of this website developer is namespacing. 


Another very notable and new feature of Laravel 5 is requested. Actually, this is very new features introduces by Laravel 5. Different past features of this app is useful and popular in a very short time.

Due to its different feature, it becomes the most useful app, designer. It has much function which helps you to make your application development rapid.

Method Parameter Injection

Its different features are very well known before its new appearances. It has its own lightweight templating engine that makes laravel more popular.

Mostly the website app developer is using Laravel 5 in their work. This is another very important feature of Laravel 5.

Auth Controllers

This helps to control the different kinds of function in website app development. Laravel 5 has come with different new features and its function.

Recently there was conduct some Google research about its use it is very popular. Most people use their different feature that helps you to make your work easy. Authcontrolers helps to set up the user’s authentication.


Another very popular and important new coming feature is shortcuts. There are also shortcuts ton view makes and redirect. One of the different new functions of Laravel 5 is shortcuts.

Comparing to other features this is also helpful to catch the attention of different users, each and every feature of this Laravel 5 have their own importance and it will take the market share in a wide range.


This is another very important new feature of this application developing tools. In different time duration, its new function is introduced so that is becoming more popular.

The socialite is next important work package to deal with different kinds of work. With this features, you can do the different work with the association of more social sites.

This is very great and interesting features of the Laravel 5 app developers. If you are thinking about the use of this app developing engine than your work result will be good.