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WordPress Meta box and process of creating a custom Meta box - INFOBEEP
Author: InfoBeep - September 12, 2018 | subject to copyright

A WordPress Meta box is a UI container for your custom fields (post metadata). Before digging into the Meta box documentation, make sure to read the Field class guide. Basic usage set a custom id attribute. WordPress Meta box plugin provides a powerful API to implement custom Meta boxes and a custom field for any post type in WordPress. It helps to extend the default WordPress functionality to add huge flexibility.

This helps to make your website more professional content management system. It has also various useful features like you can register a number of custom Meta boxes for posts. It uses the native WordPress Metadata storage and functions for ease of use and fast processing. This all are the useful features of WordPress Meta box.

The process of creating custom WordPress Meta box can be explained as below:

Create a new Meta box

One of the very first steps in creating a custom WordPress Meta box is created the new plugin. This is one of the best practices comparatively with any other.  We can create here custom Meta box template in the side of this box.  

We can include some of the very important factors like plugin name, plugin URL, description of author version etc. Due to creating of a new Meta box it can help you to save your data.

Add a new Meta box

Adding of new Meta box is one of the very important steps or process of making custom Meta box in WordPress. In this step, we create a function box called prfx-custom-Meta.

After creating this function box it can directly attach with add Meta boxes action hook. Due to an addition of a new Meta box, we can make the box more effective.

Render the Meta Box

Now in this step, we can add the necessary things that we need to add to it. We can say that this is just like an HTML form code.

And it is looking like a mix with PHP to display the save data. All this function will take care of all the display inside the Meta box.

Save the Data

It is one of the very important steps of making custom Meta box in WordPress.  Your all data will not save if we don’t use Save Post. This is one of the very important factors that really affect the saving data process in the Meta box.

The cd-meta-box-save function will receive one argument, the post id, and take care of cleaning and saving all of our data.

Generate the HTML for the Metabox

This is other very important kinds of creating custom Meta box in WordPress. To keep this as simple as possible, we’re just going to make one field.  

In order to classify the inputs and descriptions correctly, check out the source code for other write panels in WordPress. Due to all this reason, we can say that it is very easy to create custom Meta box in WordPress.


And this the final steps of creating Custom Meta box in WordPress. After all the process completion we need to save all the data. It just would have disappeared on the refresh because it wasn’t being saved.

Here’s the code that updates the Meta box when you click Update. So it is the last process of creating custom Meta box in WordPress.