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Top 5 search engines you need to know about - INFOBEEP
Author: InfoBeep - September 16, 2018 | subject to copyright

Not everyone likes to have hundreds of search engines, especially those peoples who are not the trained internet users. Most of the people want to have a single search engine that contains the main three features:

  • Relevant and accurate results
  • Uncluttered and easy to read interface
  • Helpful options for broadening or tightening the search

Well, there are many search engines that contain all these main features. You just need to choose the perfect one. So, here, we have made a list of top five lists of search engines which can meet 99% of the searching needs of the regular users.

Top five search engines:


Many years ago, Google was ranked as the fastest and the efficient choice for the web searching. But since the late 1990’s things have been changed.

Dogpile came into existence and it took a good place in web searching. It comes with a growing index and a quick and clean presentation which is the testimony to its halcyon days.

If you wanna try the search tools with the pleasant and good presentation, you should definitely give out a try to Dogpile.


Yippy is a Deep Web engine that helps you in searching other search engines for you. It is a little different from other search engines. It is indexed by the robot spider programs.

The Deep Web pages are mainly difficult for being located by the conventional search. Yippy will be best to use if you want a clear and fastest result of your keywords.

Duck Duck Go

First of all, DuckDuck looks exactly like the Google. But there are several subtitles that make it different from others. There are some main functions of the DuckDuck like ‘Zero-click’.

It also offers the disambiguation prompts. And the ad spam is also less than the Google. You should absolutely give a try to Duck Duck if you want a clean and simple search engine. search engine has a good fame in the World Wide Web. The clean interface of the is super-clean and the search options of are much better than that of the Google and other search engines.

The results groupings are the main feature of the The presentation given by it is very clear as well as easier for reading than that of the Google, Yahoo or Bing.


Webopedia is considered as one of the most useful websites on the World Wide Web. It is an encyclopedic resource that is decided to the searching techno terminology and the computer definitions.

You can teach yourself what the domain name system is or also what are the searching techno terminology and the computer definitions. Webopedia will be the perfect search engine to choose for the non-technical people. It will help to make a sense of the computer around them.