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How to write a catchy blog post for viewers - INFOBEEP
Author: InfoBeep - September 20, 2018 | subject to copyright

Ninety out of hundred people are gonna read your headline, but only ten out of the hundred people will read the rest of your article. Why? Well, it can be because of the headlines. If your headlines aren’t catchy, people might not read rest of articles. So its very necessary to write a catchy blog post.

Today, in this article we are gonna describe the way to write the catchy blog post. If you are writing the headline for your blog, make sure that it is so appealing that people will be interested in reading the rest of your article. The main question is how to do that?

Here are the things you should consider while writing the catchy blog post for viewers:

Number one

The first of the thing you need to do is post the titles that are roughly seven to eight words. It will do better than the blog post titles that contain only three or twenty words. Why? Well, it’s because if the titles are too short the visitors will not get the thing to read rest of the posts and if the titles are too long it’s a sentence and no one is gonna read it.

Writing the titles of seven to eight words will be best because when you google search your titles will not be cut off. And it’s not too long so visitors will not feel bored to read it and they will also get the point.

Number two

The second thing you should do is use the adjectives. When the titles contain the adjective, more people will click on it.

Number three

Next thing you should do is use the year. But you don’t need to do this always. It will not work for every type of posts. But for the posts of the detailed article like “The beginner’s guide to SCO”, you can use the title “Updated 2018” or “Updated 2019”. It will help to get more clicks because people will know it’s fresh.

Number four

You should use the tools like the Portent’s title generator. What you need to do is simply put the keyword there. It will come up with the snazzy title, like “MacGyver’s way to generate a more traffic.”

This tool will provide you with the better titles than the ordinary one.

Number five

Next thing you need to do is google “copy blogger headline formula”. There you will get the list of templates. You just need to plug your keywords there and it will come up with the headlines that will be helpful for you.

Number six

Know your reader base. Most of our reader is the marketers who are just in the starting position. So when we talk with them about the idea to get more traffic without spending money, it will be a lot helpful for them. It will help us to get more social shares and clicks, and more read too.