7 Best Menu Plugins for WordPress 2018700

7 Best Menu Plugins for WordPress 2018
Author: InfoBeep - October 10, 2018 | subject to copyright

If you wanna make the visitors of your website to be able to find the content then it is very necessary that your site has the more effective navigation system. Well, the main point is you have useful contents in your site but what’s its value if no one can find it? To ensure that your site is easy to use, one of the best ways is to upgrade its navigation area. Likewise, one of the easiest ways to do that is by installing the menu plugins for the WordPress featured here.

There are many free as well as paid plugins in this collection. These all have been designed for providing you with more option for the menu of your website. Many menu plugins can transform the way that your visitors access to your site.

Here is the list of some of the best WordPress menu plugins which can be a lot helpful for you.


UberMenu is one of the best WordPress mega menu plugins that have been created to be the ultimate response. The designers of UberMenu have packed this tool with many impressive selections of the features. It includes many pre-built menus for the WordPress website as well as it will help you to get a great deal of control over the looks and functions of those menu plugins.

When the topic comes in choosing the menu plugins, UberMenu is gonna be best for you. Some of the functions of UberMenu are tabbed menus, mega menus, flyout menus, and drop-down image menus.

You can easily start adding the content-rich drop-down navigation areas to your site by using the mega menu functionality.

It also provides you with the ability to add dynamic menus to your website. You can simply create your menu and the plugin will take care of ensuring your latest content is added to your menu.

UberMenu has been improving and evolving over the years and it also works p0erfectly on small devices like tablet devices and mobiles.

It has got the 4.68-star rating out of 5 and it is one of the most popular menu plugins for the WordPress.

Mega Main Menu

Mega Main Menu is another WordPress menu plugin that can help you in upgrading the navigation areas of your site.

It has 10 different drops down styles that can be helpful for your website menus. You can easily choose the navigation system for your website that features such as pick from the range of colours, different kinds of texts, features icons, and images.

It contains some of the other useful features that help to ensure your site navigation areas. One of these features includes the animation style. It will be enabled when the menus are displayed. You can also see these animations on the demo site of Mega Main Menu. It will help to make a positive impact on your visitors.

Mega Main Menu will be better if you add your branding and a logo on the menu area of your site. It will help you to make your impression to last longer on your visitors.

Similarly, its reason for being one of the best menu plugins for WordPress is Google Fonts integration will help you to make it possible for using over 700 typefaces in your menus.

You can know about this plugin’s function on the demo area of Mega Main Menu product page.


QuadMenu is recently released menu plugins with a lot of features. This plugin is very important for adding the advanced menu functionality to your custom theme. This plugin can be used by anyone to create the custom drop-down menus for their WordPress website. You will not need any coding skills to operate the QuadMenu.

With the help of QuadMenu, you can also create many menus for your website. This function helps to make you sure that your menus and contents are relevant to the piece of the content that is being viewed. It will provide an ability to display the links which the visitors are more likely to click on.

Make sure that the QuadMenu will work on your website if you are using an off-the-shelf WordPress theme. Provide the custom theme with good codes. This plugin should be seen right on your website.

It is expected to the QuadMenu to add more new features in the near future. New features of it include the carousel menus and support for displaying the WooCommerce content in the drop-down areas.

QuadMenu will provide you with the total control over your website even when you are a developer or a regular website owner.


There are some of the unique features of Superfly that will help you to make the most of the navigation areas of your site. There is a vertical menu system of the Superfly plugin. If you wanna add the navigation to your site, this tool can be very helpful for you.

Superfly is the powerful WordPress menu plugins. It will help to get a control over the contents that is added to your vertical menu bar area. The skewed layout can be applied to the vertical menu areas. It will display your menu at an interesting angle, covers your whole page with the navigation links.

The skewed layout that displays your menu at an interesting angle, cover the entire page with your navigation links, and the full-screen menu that when activated are some of the presentation options which can be applied to the vertical menu areas.

You can easily create menus with the multiple levels through the setting of Superfly menu plugins. You can make it easier for your visitors by adding the contact menu in your menu area.

Superfly will be the best option for anyone who wants to take their menu area to the next level.

Hero menu

The main aim of Hero Menu is to upgrade your website menu system.

Hero Menu can help you in navigating your website’s area in just a few steps. Likewise, it can help you do many more things like make it easy to add the icons to your menus and implement the basic multilevel drop-down menu system.

One of the impressive features of Hero Menu is the mega menu capabilities. In your drop-down menus, you can easily add your links by using multiple columns.

For adding large and small images to your menus, you can use the straightforward plugin interface. You can also add the attractive background images to your mega menu drop-down areas.

This Menu Plugins can even help in adding the contact form and a Google Map to your drop down area. This feature will be very helpful for you if you want to make your visitors know your location.

Hero Menu can easily be customized with an intuitive set of controls, including push-button settings and drag-and-drop menu editor.

Hero menu can be the competitive option for adding several menu systems to your WordPress website.

WP Mega Menu Pro

WP Mega Menu Pro has many pre-mix menu designs and several customized controls. Either you need plug and play solution to add more menu styles to your website or a tool that helps to design custom navigation areas to your site, this menu plugins can be very helpful for you. You will immediately have more than 15 different menu styles after activating WP Mega Menu Pro.

This plugin will also help you to create the custom tabbed mega menus. These drop-down menus can help to display different content in your sidebars, including link icons, images, text, and many other text formatting styles.

You can divide this menu content into several rows and columns. Likewise, it will be very helpful for you to turn your menu areas into the valuable website estate which can be very helpful in increasing your page views.

WP Mega Menu Pro’s another impressive feature is it has the ability to display the widgets from the plugin in the drop-down menu areas. It will be the great option to show off the featured content and recent posts.

If you are in search of the plugin with the advanced and interesting widgets and customized options, WP Mega Menu Pro will be best for you.

Max Mega Menu (Free)

Max Mega Menu is one of the popular free WordPress menu plugins. This plugin has been installed actively over 200,000 times. Max Mega Menu can be the best option if you are in search of the freeway to add the mega menus to your WordPress website.

After activating this plugin, you can immediately add several widgets to your menus. It will provide the functionality that will be offered to your visitors.

For those who are willing to get the good amount of control over their mega menus to look and work, this plugin will be the best. Likewise, you can easily rearrange and organize your content layout and content with the drag-and-drop menu builder tool.

Some of the effects that can be added to your site navigation areas are for WordPress are hover triggers, flyouts, and the fading menus. You can get full control over the styling feature and animations with the help of Max Mega Menu.

You will also get a good control over the menus that are displayed on the mobile and other small screen devices.