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Content is like the king in this online world. It is the thing that determines whether the people are going to fall in love with what you do. If your content will not be useful for your visitors, they will surely not follow you and it will make you fall down. you just need to have a Unique Blog Posts.

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Types of Content to create

Sometimes choosing the good content to write can be a difficult task. Here are some of the types of content that are common.

  • Content that will open our eyes to the bigger things
  • Content that will make us smile and laugh
  • Content that will bring a new perspective to the common phenomena
  • Content that will take us back to the basics that we have forgotten
  • Content that will tell a story
  • Content that will challenge
  • Content that will reveal the secret
  • Content that will show us the way to make our dream true
  • Content that will take us on an exciting ride

But the thing is about creating the stunning content and sustaining them over time rather than only creating the stunning content.

But if you wanna create a stellar content, you should spend your time on writing, researching, repurposing, proofing, and creating the graphics and many other things.

A brand will need the command, value and uniqueness. Here in this post, we are going to discuss ten ways to write unique blog posts and avoid the plagiarism.

Ten ways to Write Unique Blog Posts

Search Google using the keywords or the provided topic

The first step to write the unique blog is through the research. You should know about what others are writing about the keyword of interest. There can be various keyword tools they can use.

You can simply go to the homepage of Google and type the keyword when you find out the keyword.

Open all the links that appear on the top page of Google search. You can open them all at once in different tabs respectively.

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Skim read through each of the articles by writing the main points

The whole part of writing the unique blog post will be dependent on your approach. Creating the new content that is totally unique is nearly an impossible thing.

So consider taking ideas from the experts. Simply have a look each and every article that you have opened. You can pick the important points from those articles.

You can note down them on your notebook or a sheet of paper.

Compile a great list

You will surely wanna come up with awesome lists of points from the main points. You will also notice that some of the points you have collected from the different articles are similar.

Simply focus on the inclusion of the uncommon points that offers great insight as well.

Do not use only one source

This is like a red line for you. Don’t cross it. Use as many of sources you can. This will help you to know about different unique blog posts and styles of writing it which can be helpful for your visitors.

Map out the structure of your post

Arrange all of your key points on the order of importance and relevance, from the most necessary to least necessary. First be sure you need to break your points into the parts or not.

Add to the list what you already know

You can add the things to your list which you already know. At the small matters, we make sure that for the ten points post; at least four should be the ones we have experimented ourselves.

It will be really a great approach and you should definitely give it a try.

Start writing of your blog post from the scratch

This point is very critical. The time for mentioning is over now. Now it is the time to talk about the main part of your post.

In each point, write great insights that can be inspiring by your understanding of the subject, research, and data you have done.

Do not write exactly the same

Try writing the content in your own words. If you write the content by copying and pasting, it will not be a unique post, will it?

Edit all the grammatical errors of your article

One of the main things to consider in your content is about its grammatical mistake. It will be very helpful in writing the unique blog posts. You can correct the grammatical mistakes, rearrange the floor and insert the relevant images.

You will need to establish yourself as a brand to stay out from the noise. The brand will need value and uniqueness.


These were ten ways to Write Unique Blog Posts and avoid the plagiarism. If you implement the above-given things, you can surely write the unique blog posts.