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Author: InfoBeep - October 12, 2018 | subject to copyright

YouTube gaming is the place where you can watch the video game content. You can watch posted as well as live videos of gaming there.

What is YouTube gaming?

It is one of the offshoots of the YouTube where you can see both live and on-demand videos of the gaming content. This new platform of YouTube helps you to find your favourite gaming videos like Call of Duty, PUBG etc.

It is totally different from just a plain old YouTube. It has an all-black interface which put the game-related videos’ stream.  You can follow your favourite channels to stay on top of their content and also you can follow the specific game so that you will never miss their latest updates.

Where can I get it?

You can easily get YouTube gaming on the web by searching, or by downloading it for iOS and Android.

How can I stream on the YouTube gaming?

If you are using a PC, you can easily stream on the YouTube gaming by using the broadcast applications like the XSplit or Open Broadcast Software. You may ask, what should I do if I use the only android device?

Well, recently Google has made a function where you can directly stream to it through the Android devices. You can easily broadcast any of the game you like when you open the applications on the Android device.

You can also use the PlayStation 4 to go live on it. But there is no way to stream directly through the Xbox One. It means that you will have to rely on the PC and capture the card for the time being.

How YouTube gaming is different from the Twitch?

It is easy for writing the YouTube Gaming as the flattering imitation of the Twitch at the first glance, but there are some of the difference in YouTube Gaming and Twitch.

For one, YouTube gaming puts an equal emphasis on live as well as on-demand content that is not provided on YouTube’s expertise with the latter.

In today’s days, Twitch is the king of the live streaming but its demand has been decreased by YouTube.

In the live department, YouTube also has the potential to one-up Twitch. It has also provided the chat system for the viewers while watching the live stream.

However, YouTube gaming has done many other things to come in highlight. It sometimes hits its creators with some unwarned copyright claim warnings.