How to fix hacked WordPress website461

Author: InfoBeep - December 4, 2018 | subject to copyright

Well, in this modern period it has been very dangerous to run the website. The sad reality is the Website can be hacked anytime. And yes, we all know how difficult it is to fix the hacked WordPress website. Not to mention it will directly hamper on your business and on your readership as well. if you have any idea of being aware of the hackers, share with people so that they will be aware. Well, here we are doing the same.

We have mentioned some of the ways which might be helpful for you to be aware of the hackers. It might not be all but yes we have mentioned everything which we know about. So without any delay let’s have a look at them.

Before starting, you should know a few things

The first and most important thing which you should always keep in mind is that no matter which platform you have been using, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or any other platforms, any of the sites can be hacked.

If your WordPress site will be hacked, you will lose the ranking of the search engine, expose your readers to viruses, and even you might lose your entire site data.

You should website is for the business, you must give the top priorities to the security of the website.

That is the reason why you should have a good WordPress hosting company. All the above-mentioned things will be helpful for you if your website is not been hacked yet.

Let’s not go out of the topic. Our main topic is about what should be done if your WordPress website is hacked.

So without making any delay, let’s have a look at the ways which you can do to recover your hacked WordPress website.

Have a professional to do it for you

Security is the serious matter and if you don’t want to deal with the codes and the services, it will be better to hire the professionals. Most of the security experts charge $100 to $250 per hour. If you want, our recommendation will be hiring the Sucuri. They are trustful and will surely help you to recover your website.

But in case if you do not want to hire the professionals, then here are some ways mentioned below which you can implement.

Identify the hack

You will have to face a lot of stress while dealing with the website hack. Just calm down and try to find the way to be away from the hack.

Ways to find the hacked WordPress website:

  • Can you login to the admin panel of your WordPress?
  • Is your WordPress site being redirecting to another website?
  • Does your WordPress website contain illegal links?
  • Is Google indicating your website as insecure?

Consider changing your password before cleaning up and also change your password again when the cleaning up is completed.

Check your hosting company

You will need good hosting in this situation. They will have an experienced staff who can deal better in this situation and they can surely guide you better.

 If you are on the shared hosting, your hack may be affected more than just your site. You can also get the additional information from your hosting providers like about how it originated, where the backdoor is hiding and many other things.

HostGator and Siteground can be very helpful in this situation.

Restore from the backup

It will be better to restore from the beginning point when the site is not hacked if you have got a backup for your WordPress site. If you can implement this, it will be best for you.

If you have a blog with the daily content, you will have the risk of losing the blog posts, new comments, etc.

 Even worst, if your website has been hacked for a long time and you do not have a backup, and you don’t wanna lose the content, then you can remove the hack manually.

Malware scanning and Removal

Look on your WordPress website and try to delete the inactivated WordPress themes and plugins. More often, it is the place where the hacker hides their backdoor.

Backdoor is the method of bypassing the normal authentication and gaining the ability to access the server by remaining undetected. Almost all the hackers always upload the backdoor as the first thing.

Once you complete that, scan your website for the hackers. For doing this, you need to install the Sucuri WordPress Auditing and Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC).

The Sucuri scanner will help you to detect the place where hackers are hiding.

Check the user permissions

Look in the user’s selection of the WordPress for making sure that you have administrator access to the site. If you find any of the suspicious users there, then delete them.

Change your secret keys

Since WordPress 3.1 has come, it has started to generate the set of security keys that will encrypt your password. In case, if any of the users steal your password, you will be still login into the site.

For disabling the cookies, you need to create a new set of secret keys. You have to generate a new security key and also you should add it to the “wp-config.php” file.

Change your password time to time

As we had mentioned in the first step, you need to change your password. Use the difficult password as much as possible. If you have a lot of users than you can force a password reset for all of them.

Whatever you do, make your plugins, themes and WordPress core up to date. Always be sure that your site is secure.

Even if you have a problem after doing this all, consider hiring professionals like Sucuri or the hosting companies.