What’s new in WordPress 5.0 and what to expect from the Block-Based Editor?461

What’s new in WordPress 5.0 and what to expect from the Block-Based Editor?
Author: InfoBeep - December 9, 2018 | subject to copyright

We all are curiously waiting for the new update of WordPress for playing with its new feature. And you know what? Finally, the new update of WordPress; WordPress5.0 has arrived. With this new update; WordPress 5.0, the way of creating the content through the WordPress has been totally changed.

It is difficult to accept the sudden big changes in your favourite content. But in the big platforms like WordPress, you will need to accept the change or you have to take a risk of losing the market share.

Excited to know more about the new update of WordPress?

In our today’s article, we are going to discuss the functions and other changes that have been made in comparison to the previous update. And also, we will discuss what other things we can expect from this new version of WordPress as well as from the Gutenberg editor.

So without making any delay, let’s move towards our topic.

WordPress 5.0 is the bigger jump than other earlier updates

If you have been using the WordPress for a long time, then you may know about the platforms that have been changed in WordPress over time. Often significant shifts can also be brought by the single updates.

Likewise, the update 4.9 ‘Tipton’ lets users for scheduling the design changes in the WordPress Customizer. It will help the users to live at the later dates like the post drafts.

Likewise, many widget updates were brought by the WordPress 4.8. For example, in the past, you had to add the images manually if you have to add the images in your widgets. But now, you can get three dedicated media widgets for the video files, audio and images.

All the changes in the WordPress we have mentioned above have only simple changes. They are helpful but not game-changing. Most of the WordPress updates have made small steps than a major leap. But WordPress 5.0 is much more than that.

What we can expect from the WordPress 5.0

WordPress5.0 has made some of the major changes. One of the biggest changes is the aforementioned block-based editor. We all talk about it later.

WordPress5.0 has also made changes to how the platform handles the releases. Now, the plan of the WordPress core team is to move away from the scheduled release model.

They have made an idea of removing the pressure of the predetermined deadlines. By this, the platform will be able to take more leaps. It will also not get the updates which feel as though they lack in the meaningful content.

Well, these were some of the changes that WordPress 5.0 is bringing.

There are many other significant changes. They are:

•              The focus of this platform is to move towards the more intuitive site-building experience. As we all know, WordPress already has the pack in the terms of marketing share. The core team of the WordPress has made the aim of holding the market share against the rise of the hosted website builders.

•              Some changes in the WordPress Rest API have been made. The WordPress Rest API is very helpful for the developers. It helps in creating more products that are rich in features. It makes easy in sending and taking the data from your website. The main goal of this update is to make the developers able to create the applications easily by using the platform as the framework.

•              Building the custom theme will be easier than before. Before WordPress 5.0, you had to use the development backgrounds for putting the WordPress theme together. Thank the Gutenberg, it has made the creation of the theme easier.

What the block-based editor means

Using the Gutenberg means you have to be familiar with the whole new editing experience. You don’t need to be worried at all, it is not necessary to use the Gutenberg Editor if you don’t like. Instead of that, you will also be able to keep the classic editor by installing the Official Classic Editor Plugin.

In case, you can also check out the Otter Blocks. It is our the content plugin that helps in adding the handful new blocks to the Gutenberg. It includes the Testimonials, Google Map, Pie Chart, and Click to Tweet, Notice, and many other things.

Gutenberg affects the themes and plugins also

Expect your own editing, Gutenberg can also be other significant changes in several plugins and themes. As we all know, there are already couples of interesting themes like Atomic Blocks have been released, Twenty Nineteen that declares their Gutenberg-first focus. Now, there will be all Gutenberg compatibility on the popular themes like Hestia and Neve.

Likewise, you can also see some of the changes in your favourite plugins. Many plugins directly interact with the WordPress editor. Those plugins should be the Gutenberg compatible.

How can you get the most out of WordPress 5.0?

The first and most important thing is you need to be familiar with the basics of working with the new block-based content editor. It is one of the biggest changes in the WordPress 5.0.

The editor is very straightforward. But not to worry! You can make things easier by checking the handy cheat sheet for the WordPress 5.0.