6 ways to reduce your websites bounce rate478

6 ways to reduce your websites bounce rate
Author: InfoBeep - December 20, 2018 | subject to copyright

Websites bounce rate means the percentage of the users who visit your website and leaves immediately without checking anything. There can be many reasons of it, either the reason can be the annoying popup obscuring the content which the user had came to read, the page load time is slow, or simply they didn’t find for what they were looking for.

Here are some of the ways which can help in decreasing the bounce rate. If you can implement these given tips, you will surely be able to increase your conversion rate.

6 ways to reduce your websites bounce rate

Landing page

Use the landing pages whenever you are running the campaign. If you are running the campaign for any of the fixed product of the feature, make sure that your visitors will directly land on the page which has been optimized for this campaign.

Use the same language, wording and imagery which you have been using in the marketing ads, emails and posts. Don’t take the users directly to your homepage where you are featuring the financial planning services if you are advertising the low home loan rate.

Don’t use the Pop-Ups

No one likes the pop-ups so it will be better not to use them. Don’t make the pop-ups as soon as the uses enter in your page. First of all, let them find the thing which they are searching for in your site.

And if you are adding the pop-ups system, add the large and clear X in the top corner to make it easy for the users to close the pop-ups.

Optimize the call-to-action buttons

First of all, you should make the call-to-action button very easy to find and enticing to click on. Always make sure that you have placed your CTA’s logically and strategically above the fold. Never use the languages like “free trial”.

Your main purpose o the call-to-action button is to get the users for doing something. That’s why; always use the more actionable language like “Test your free trial” or “Start your free trial”.

Try testing this language by using something like the A/B testing; split testing, you can easily see what the visitors respond to best.

Make your site fast

In these busy days, people are giving more importance to their time. So make sure that your site loads fast. You may ask, what can I do to make my site fast? Well, there are the couple of things you can do like reducing the size of an image, cleaning up your CSS, cache any of the heavy information and also make sure that the speed of the server is optimized.

Always use the responsive design

In today’s days, more people are using the mobile than other devices for accessing information and buying online products.  That’s why; always make sure that your website and navigation are fully optimized for every kind of browsers and devices.

Provide the things to the visitors what they are looking for

This topic is head simple and logical, isn’t it? Well, that’s wrong. This is one of the main reasons for the high bounce rate of the website.

These given tips will surely help you in reducing the websites bounce rate on your website. Don’t forget to test any of the changes and always keep the record of the results.