Best tools to help you manage your customer review program507

Author: InfoBeep - December 23, 2018 | subject to copyright

Whenever you are trying to make a strong reputation in the online market of today’s days, customer review program plays a vital role in making your company outstanding and attracts the new business. The customer review program is the main element of the strong marketing strategy. But monitoring and posting the customer reviews, keeping on the top of requesting can be very time-consuming.

Here we have mentioned some of the tools which can help to grow, automate, streamline and manage the customer review program.

Tools to help you manage your customer review program

Apps based on location

App based on the location can be the best way of getting your business noticed and get the positive feedback. Always keep your business up on the sites which contain the location-based features like the TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Yelp, Google Local or Facebook for encouraging your customers to check-in when they are nearby.

The services of these can automatically display the promotional alerts for increasing the seals and also to promote them for leaving the comments after visiting your site. Visitors can also view, share and submit the reviews on these sites through the application. It will be very easy for you as well as for your customers.

You can use the pop-up materials, window stickers and the site logos for making visitors aware about your presence on any of the sites which you are using for directing them to read and submit the reviews.

The main and important benefits of having the reviews on these sites are that they can perform very well in the local search listing. It also gives you the strong presence for the competitive terms where your own sites may be struggling for.

Service of third-party review

Enjoy the total hands-off approach for gaining customer reviews with the turnkey solutions from the providers like Trustpilot, eKomi, and WoMo. These all sites will automatically follow up with the customers for making the review secure and store them in the main place on your profile.

Most of the sites cannot change or edit the reviews which are already submitted but it can give you the option for approving before they are published. Always keep in mind that the censoring reviews can make your profile look the fake.

One benefit of such systems is that your staff do not have to invest time in chasing customers for reviews. Another is that reviews requested from and submitted through dedicated review sites may be seen as more objective.

The downside is that such services remove the personal touch that your business can offer by reaching out directly to customers.  They also often come with a price tag that might not be an effective investment for smaller businesses.

Brand Mention Tools

Customer comments are not always formal reviews.  They can take the form of social media posts, blog comments or forum entries. Customers may talk about your business on their website or spread the word (positive or negative) on any number of online profiles.

Hear what people are saying about your business by setting up a strong reputation monitoring system. While there are plenty of companies that offer this service, there are some free and effective tools that work well for small businesses.

Google Alerts is simple to set up and you can choose to receive email alerts every time the search giant finds mention of a specific word or phrase, including your brand or product names. Subscribe to get alerts daily, weekly or as soon as they are found.

Run a search for your business name on SocialMention to see a comprehensive report of all mentions across over 80 social platforms.  The results include the most recent mentions, as well as some nice visual reports of sentiment and related keywords used when people talk about your business. Subscribe to the report, bookmark the RSS feed or export the data as a spreadsheet for further analysis.

If your company has a large number of customers then it might be worth considering paid options such as Mention or ReviewTrackers which offer advanced reporting and functionality to let you find and manage customer feedback.

Review Aggregate Services

The Get5Stars service goes a step beyond the two types of services above to solicit as well as curate reviews from a wide variety of platforms.

They offer a system that can automatically follow up with your customers to seek reviews, combined with a powerful search feature that pulls in all reviews for your business from other platforms such as Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google. They also offer you effective reports to let you see how your business is performing.

Display their widget on your site to easily show off your average rating along with selected comments.

The system is surprisingly affordable for the rich set of features it offers to small business owners. Whatever tools and services you choose to make sure that there is someone in your team who is responsible for managing your customer review program. 

Requesting, checking and following up on customer reviews should be part of their regular tasks each week to make sure that unhappy customers are contacted to address their complaints and glowing testimonials are showcased.