How to simplify your eCommerce website?414

How to simplify your eCommerce website?
Author: InfoBeep - December 28, 2018 | subject to copyright

Simplicity is the most necessary thing that can help you in making your eCommerce website look standard. Never make your customers confused or distracted. Let them get in and out easily. Make sure that you are following the best practices such as making it clear that the product is out of stock, let the users reverse their own choices and other several functions which we already know are very necessary for the users and aid the user experience. Either you are looking for the website which is visually beautiful or increases conversions; simplicity is the key to achieving them all.

Ways to simplify your eCommerce website

Fix the eCommerce checkout process

Cut each and every unnecessary process that is involved with the purchase. Never force your customers for going through the extra steps, make them easy for going through your website. If it becomes a long step, they might get bored and they might also exit during the process.

Consolidate everything onto one page and make your website as simple as you can.

Allow the guest checkouts

It is sure that you want to collect the data of the shoppers and get them on your mailing list. But what if your customers end up leaving your website because of having to create an account? Don’t use the things like signing up and add the extra steps to the checkout process. It can make them feel uneasy and bored. Simply let your customers buy the product and remember that this should always be your ultimate goal. Even after that if you have a doubt, you can opt for the simple process for the users.

Enable the eCommerce website search and filtering

Your website needs the search and filter systems which can work smoothly and can be found easily. You might also know that it feels very frustrating if you want to buy something and you are not being able to find it on the website. That why always make sure that this problem doesn’t happen to you.

Highlight the contact page

What will the users look for if the customers want to buy any product from your website? Absolutely it will be the contact page. That’s why your contact page should be highlighted and easily findable for the customers. And also make sure that your contact page is on the obvious page so that customers do not feel bored for searching it.

Simple imagery

Sometimes only one image of the product cannot describe the product. If you want to sell more products, it is obviously very necessary to put multiple images of the product. and with the images, make sure that you are also adding the descriptions. It is the main thing that can encourage the customers in ordering the product.

Editable eCommerce cart

You will need to allow the users for easily editing their cart if you wanna decrease the abandonment for the cart. It is very necessary for the users to add or remove the cart. Users want to be able to edit and change the cart. So make sure that the cart of your website is editable.